The Truth Is Just too “Sketch”

lucy_picture_2.0My co-conspirator, Lucy, will no longer be working on anything related to my blog – whether it’s the podcast or the upcoming Right of the Dial website – because she feels the project “crossed the line” last night.  I wasn’t even aware that there was a line to be crossed, but apparently there was, and last night we crossed it.  By “we”, I of course mean me and Matt Forney, shitlord extraordinaire, author of several fine books, including Confessions of an Online Hustler, and modern day, on the grounds, Hunter S. Thompason-esque, political journalist.  We recorded a podcast where I interviewed Forney, and we discussed a bunch of different issues.  What was it exactly that crossed the line?  I think the words “Jim Crow” and “apartheid” were mentioned, and, in the context of what we were talking about, we didn’t overtly condemn them as the most evil, vile, racist, horrible things that Satan hath brought upon the Earth.  Hence, my project is now “too sketch.”

But, let’s back up and ask, “why is telling the truth ‘too sketch'”?  What truth do we speak exactly? I know what you’re thinking, “please don’t try to rationalize how Jim Crow laws, apartheid or racial segregation are actually good things!  Please, please, please don’t go there!”  Well, we didn’t “go there”, if that’s what you’re wondering.  But the concern that we might have gone there addresses what the notion of the “red pill” is all about.

I personally don’t go around saying I’m a “red pill man” because I try not to use lingo from science fiction films to label a philosophy, but The Matrix metaphor does make sense.  The notion of the “red pill” is to simply say out loud the types of things most people instinctively know to be true, but are too subdued by cowardice, political correctness or, in some perhaps necessary cases, politeness, to actually say.  Take for instance a former friend of mine named Jess.  She is completely unattractive on any measurable metric, other than that she’s a woman; I mean she has to be since she squeezed out two children.  She would always complain that skinny (i.e. good looking) punk rock guys would “date” her for a day and then never speak to her again.  It’s never occurred to her for a second that maybe looking like a blob atop two chicken legs and having no ass is quite literally the grossest body type a woman can have.

People reading this blog know for damn sure that biology, not society, determines attractiveness and beauty.  Okay, sure, someone might be “cool” enough to raise her attractiveness if she’s already somewhat attractive, and I tend to like girls with some heft if it’s in the thigh/ass area.  Technically “overweight” can work if she done got a big, fat ass and them big titties.  This would be described as the “pair shape” or curvy, and many have said I have the taste of a black man.  Biologically men are attracted to high waist to hip and chest to hip ratio; this is pretty much accepted as a fact, which is why guys go gaga for tits and ass.  They’re signs of being ripe for reproduction.  Unfortunately, Jess thinks there are other reasons why she can’t keep a man.  The fact that her sheer lack of attractiveness is the only reason she can’t keep a man is a “red pill truth.”  When I was friends with her, I came up with other reasons such as, “I dunno, men are weird”, but that was me trying to make her feel better about her stature in life.

So, how does that have anything to do with “Jim Crow” and the things that former co-conspirator Lucy, who thought it would be fun to participate in the podcast until she realized things take work and the truth is ugly, have anything to do with women not realizing guys don’t like them if they’re too fat?

If “red pill truths” are things that people essentially know to be true, but are afraid to say, then why can’t the same principles be applied to race?

As far as I’m concerned, the left is too obsessed with race, while the right doesn’t talk about it nearly enough.  This has essentially led to the melt-down of the conservative media, perpetrated by the rise of the Alternative Right, or, as David Cole put it, “There is something grotesquely ludicrous about the fact that people who venerate Pam Geller and Debbie Schlussel can turn around and call Jared Taylor a madman.”  There is no conspiracy here; some things are just too difficult to talk about.  The more un-PC a person goes, the less he or she is concerned with telling the truth regardless of who it might piss off.  As Feral House publisher and writer Adam Parfrey put it in this interview with faggy, PC, music critic Mark Prindle, “I find the Balkanization of the races here fascinating, but it truly is, at a wide-angle view, a very curious thing that no one can look at with honesty without being termed a racist or a neo-Nazi.”  Lucy just isn’t there… yet.

I showed her this video from Black Pigeon Speaks.

I could see by her reaction that something was painfully wrong.  She just couldn’t accept that blacks, who only make up 12.6% of the population, commit over 50% of homicides.  Or that black ghettos are the most violent ghettos the world over.  Or, rather, if that is the case, there must be some cause for this.  I asked Lucy if the video hit her like a truth bomb.  Her response: “it makes good points but, like, I, uh, just don’t agree with all of it.” “What don’t you agree?” “It just seems… I dunno… like, I don’t think black people are that violent.  I mean, I’m friends with black people.”

No shit, as if I’m not.  What do I think of black people as a whole?  They’re fine.  I have never had a personal issue with any black people.  I have black friends.  I listen to Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Thin Lizzy, Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, B.B. King, Living Color, Funkadelic, and hell, today I’ve been mourning the loss of one, Bernie Worell, legendary keyboardist for Funkadelic, Parliament, Talking Heads, Ginger Baker and a whole heck of a lot of other musicians.  I read the works of libertarian economist Thomas Sowell and watch the films of Spike Lee (the ones that don’t suck, at least).  So, is this me saying, “I’m not racist; I have black friends”?  No, I don’t care about being called a “racist.”

“Racist”, at this point, is an abstract concept.  What makes someone a racist?  The fact that I don’t like going into dangerous areas of Detroit, which are full of crime, where I’ve had my car stolen twice?   The fact that I care more about a nine-year old girl, who was gunned down in a drive-by shooting, than I do about some overweight thug, who tried to steal a gun from a police officer and was killed in the process?

Conservative commentator Bill Whittle uses the “un-racist” approach.  He’s a classic, tea party conservative.  It’s ironic that the mainstream, leftist media calls tea partiers racist, since Whittle makes every effort possible to avoid discussions of race; he’s absolutely no Jared Taylor.  In his mind, a person like Michael Brown is just a thug who tried to steal an officer’s gun.  The 75% illegitimacy rate and over-representation in violent crime in the black community are just “problems within the black community.”  They most certainly are, but that’s about as far as he goes.

Lucy will also only go so far.  She has no problem criticizing the GOP’s unconditional love for Israel.  She has no problem admitting that, when given the right to vote in 1920, women moved the government to the left.  She has no problem admitting that the Holocaust might not have claimed the lives of 6,000,000 Jews, but maybe only 4,000,000 or 2,000,000, let alone doing the hilarious le merchant Jewish thingy with her hands.  She has no problem laughing at sensitive Jews who complained about Spike Lee when he said Jews run Hollywood.  But somewhere in all of that, talks about black civilization crumbling in Africa after Europe left “their baby” or how black ghettos the world over are the most crime filled, even in the countries with no history of slavery or how blacks tend to score lower on IQ tests than whites and Asians are “too sketch.”

Or maybe it was mine and Forney’s discussion of Jim Crow; I honestly don’t remember what we specifically said about it, but the fact is people – black and white – do a fine job segregating themselves without the help of the law.  After the 60s riots, whites simply left the cities because, ya know, they didn’t want their businesses destroyed.  Were they running from crime in the inner city or were they running from blacks?  Are they Bill Whittle, or are they Jared Taylor?  Read Taylor’s excellent tome, Paved with Good Intentions, about how problems within the black community can no longer be blamed on white racism.  I promise you won’t start wearing white sheets and burning crosses.

Does it really matter what the reason for any of this?  I’m just trying to tell the truth.    Only the most ridiculously, pure, 1488, Hitler worshipers – who have more in common with the left and SJWs anyway – care that much about racial purity, where they want to live in whites only societies.  Otherwise, the average, white or Asian suburban Joe Schmoe doesn’t care if middle class blacks live in their area.  Hell, Jared Taylor even invited a black woman to the American Renaissance conference and also praises the work of Thomas Sowell.  With the elimination of affirmative action quotas and media attention to white cop/black teen isolated incidents, and with allowing people to succeed on their own merits, rather than shoving “racism” down everyone’s throats every five seconds, like the media does, and trying to forge policies to enforce “equality”, things will work themselves out.

7 thoughts on “The Truth Is Just too “Sketch”

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  2. I can sympathize with both of you. As a woman I think that it is more difficult to “choose sides” in these sorts of arguments particularly when one never knows when one will be unprotected and otherwise forced to play nice with the other side in any sort of characterization polarization. For what it’s worth, I think American Blacks are particularly hampered, and I think that Americans in general are particularly hampered, by the dual influences of public school and television. In my youth, most of the schools I went to (and I went to nine different school systems growing up) were majority Black. Of course I know how to deal. It is not easy being a member of a racial minority who everyone else has been conditioned to believe that it’s OK to blame, envy, steal my books, grab me in the halls, kick me down the stairs, attempt to claw my eye out, copy a feel, etc., etc. etc.

    As an adult, I’ve taken the time and effort to date just about every demographic I could (I don’t recommend it but I’m a special case), and American Blacks are different from Blacks in the rest of the world. It’s not just Slavery, it’s Vietnam, The Great Society, popular culture, and the aforementioned toxic school methods.

    On the other hand, once a girl is “claimed” I think her protector has every right to demand circumspection around any sort of demographic trait he specifies. That is highly location-specific. It is OK to be brusque with strangers! So many women need to learn this and hopefully not the hard way. Sophistication does not magically arise with cross-culturalism. It’s a process. Young women who insist that they can go wherever they want, associate with whoever they want, etc. have, in my view been poisoned by culture. Bad ass Black female celebrities juicing up Girl Power are the worst. Television for women is the worst. Turn the damned thing off.

    Thumbs up for White girls with Black girl bodies! It probably has something to do with watching how all the other girls walked as well as, weight-lifting (once I got tired of all the assaults).

    If there’s another man out there for me I refuse to eliminate any large swatch of humanity except Islam. No to Islam. That said, I don’t think I belong in this country.

    Looking forward to the podcast with an open mind.

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I think I know what you mean by “choose sides”; are the sides the “all accepting, PC, don’t step on anyone’s toes by whitey’s” side vs. the “completely contrarian, shitlord, anything goes no matter who it offends side”? If that’s the case, then it is hard for women, since, in general women crave acceptance. I’ve never went to a majority black school, but my brother did, and, the moment my parents could afford to move out of a mostly black neighborhood – albeit, a fairly middle class one – they did.

      American blacks may be different, but what I don’t get is why, whenevers there’ s a concentration of them in a particular location, that location is inevitably much more violent. In the case of American blacks, the one major difference, at least to me, is the adoption of a seemingly purely American style ghetto culture, that’s considered cool and unique to them; not to mention completely encouraged by the powers that be. Canadian and European blacks don’t speakin in ebonics, which is just blacks’ take on Southern accents, unless I’m mistaken and there’s an equivalent in France, England or Germany.

      “Young women who insist that they can go wherever they want, associate with whoever they want, etc. have, in my view been poisoned by culture.” Every time a girl complains about being “cat called”, I want to ask, “was it a black man that did it?” I once got blocked on FB for also insisting that you’ll find way more homophobia in the black culture than in lilly white suburbia.

      “Thumbs up for White girls with Black girl bodies! It probably has something to do with watching how all the other girls walked as well as, weight-lifting (once I got tired of all the assaults).” I’m not completely sure what this part meant.

      I’m no fan of Islam either. What other country would you belong to? With Brexit having gone down, and a wave of nationalism, I presume the U.S. is going to start reversing the damage of 50 years of progressivism.

      Podcast should be up soon either later today or tomorrow. I hope it’s entertaining!

      • LOL. Good guess but no. There are limits to what I can stomach. I’m not about to settle for any tribe that would have me. Besides, such a decision by such a tribe as you describe in the first scenario is likely to result in chaos. I tend to have that effect.

        The old time custom of the men and women adjoining to separate rooms after dinner is a good one. When I find myself alone in a group of men, I tend to be more of a peacemaker or I listen more than talk. When I’m in a group of women however every word I say tends to have magnified effect, so, I could go either way depending on whether I’m challenged or not.

        There used to be Black middle class neighborhoods. Nowadays neighborhoods of all sorts are under siege. I’ve seen the degradation in my lifetime. It’s a complicated answer, largely engineered in my view by “the powers that be”. Such turn on poor Whites too but the tiered effect, as if it is a caste system, is intended to keep Whites in line just as much as to destroy community for Blacks.

        Black America largely talks big when it comes to homosexuality as a means of high-status men virtue-signalling to ummarried women in my view, and as a form of gynocentrism or as I describe here:

        Both Black and Latino men have a long tradition of cat-calling which used to be considered friendly. A Black woman is supposed to coolly acknowledge it when it comes from a neighbor. A Latino woman is supposed to walk as if she’s made of stone with perhaps a slightly even haughtier step. It’s cultural. White women who are “offended” are advised to adopt the reactions of the women of the culture.

        Meanwhile construction workers and city workers in many places can be fired for doing that. I miss the old days. What fun it was making a point of sashaying by a construction site in some get up. The end result of local laws to the effect is that White men are punished for appreciating what they see more than Black men are and so White men have learned not to do it except for those bad boys who, instead of doing it on the street where they might be overheard, do it quietly, with every intention of seducing. Who is more of a “threat”? The latter of course. Such a “threat” may even be welcome.

        In celebration of my own form, I was referring to your own statements within this piece with regard to your appreciation of women who do not have flat asses.

        I’m not sure where I want to go. Depends on a lot of factors not in my control at the moment. I have some ideas. Basically what it means is that if and when I have the money and ability I’ll be checking prices for exploratory sojourns: Spain, Latin America, Hong Kong, or Eastern Europe.

      • There still are Black middle class neighborhoods. I went to see Straight Outta Compton, and the audience was majority black and everyone had a good ol’ time singing along to the group’s profain classics. I found it amusing that I, a white guy, knew more of their songs than many of the younger kids in the audience, who went to see the movie. I notice how things white people would get criticized for are celebrated in that movie; including the cavalier attitude to the backstage groupie whores (“by Felicia!”) and their unabashed love for guns; unless the movie was exaggerating, they brought sawed off shotguns on tour with them. You can take some people out of the ghettos, but you’ll never take the ghetto out of some people, haha. I don’t know if I’ve seen degredation of white neighborhoods so much as I’ve seen once thriving areas turn completely dessolate since the economic downturn, but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about. The low class whites who acted like “thugs” were around back when I was in my mid-teens, like 15 years ago.

        I guess I’m not around too many “manginas”, but, whenever I go to live gigs, I notice the men who don’t act like men; like how do these guys get girlfriends if they ever do, and do they know how to objectify them properly? I’ve catcalled a number of times in Ann Arbor, at the University of Michigan campus. Sometimes it’s hard not to go, “woa, hello..” when a girl in a short skirt walks by. Another interesting point on the different standard for whites, blacks and Latinos goes, I remember a girl I know talking about how she needs feminism because a creepy guy put his hand on her leg on a public bus. I neglected to ask if he was black. On the other hand, whitey could learn a thing or two from the hyper-masculinity of blacks. I enjoy their unabashed, un-PC rhetoric; “a bitch is a bitch, a ho is a ho.” I’ll read the article about black America treats gays momentarily. It’s another bit of cognitive dissonance in the liberal narrative.

        Yes, I love da big butt; pear shape is my preferred form, but I’m not gonna be against big boobs either. If they have both, than all the better. I’ve notice girls that have huge knockers do tend have to flat asses, or the “apple shape”, as they call it.

        Go to England! I hear it’s super cheap now!

      • LOL. All of what you say is so true in my experience. My Axel had that all figured out as well.

        The hormonal and muscular feedback loops of different phenotypes are part of my own fields of study. When the intra-abdominals and diaphragm weaken this tends to cause gluteal atrophy as the first step in overall spinal decline. Women actually have an advantage there in that they’re forced to overcompensate for the weight of big boobs which tends to slow the decline; however, a gradual curling in or a “dowager’s hump” is the long term result assuming continued decline. Meanwhile there are easy and fun cures for boobs that don’t quite compensate for a big butt whereas for overlarge boobs there is only surgery or physical restraint. That last can be fun too. Gluteal exercises early and often make for that “Brick House” look. White women with big boobs are wise to imitate the bad ass Black girl walk, but hold in those abs and sing with good physical form. I really ought to be a personal trainer.

        As for England, I’ve just never had a desire to go to that particular crowded set of islands unless I were given some sort of personal invitation such as to insure a positive experience. Kill the anti-smoking laws first is what I say or offer me VIP entrance to a smoking salon and I’m there. Can’t imagine living there though. I’d rather be among British ex-pats elsewhere.

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