Savagehippie Podcast Episode 2: Useless Bloomberg polls and D.W. Griffith’s fake eye-lashes

Episode 2 of Savage Hippie Podcast. We discuss Orlando massacre, whether Islam is compatible with West (it’s not), Dearborn, MI., How Bloomberg polls are bullshit, Donald Trump winning the election, problems with multiculturalism, white suicide rate and alcoholism, HP Lovecraft, Milo Yiannopolous, what the hell does queer mean, comedians, Woody Allen films, Luis Bunuel, at 37:16 sound turns to shit, resume at 37:56. Bill Maher and Ben Affleck’s little tiff over Islam, right wing Jews from the former Soviet Union, more talks of comedians with Bill Hicks, Brian Posehn, copping feels off women, how you should never ask permission to kiss a girl, don’t grab girls’ asses most of the time… but, on a date, grab a girl’s ass, how you should make sure to be a caveman and objectify women, the movie Straight Outta Compton, and concluding with talks about D.W. Griffith films, Irreversible and Mandingo.


Turns out Omar Mateen’s ISIS connection may not be just superficial.

I accidentally refer to the reconstruction period following the Civil War as the reformation.

The date is 1865, not 1864.

The female lead in Mandingo is Susan George, not Cybill Shepherd.

The “Chinky” lines comes from Broken Blossoms, not Orphans of the Storm.

False eyelashes were used since 1903.

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