Unraveling An Excusatory Locution


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

There is a common locution they like to use as an excuse to evade when they get bored or repulsed by a male. Perhaps you, as a male, are not that familiar with it because it is likely that it has been uttered in secret amongst their gossiping consensus before they’ve decided to end a relationship with you via telephone call or some other indirect means. That locution is “he put me on a pedestal”.

 Females have a completely different form of speech first of all; what they say is not necessarily in conformity to their nature. Females speak in suggestive speech. It’s not the same sort of terse honesty that males share.

In this society that does not allow real objective analysis of human nature, you will get uncertain analysis, but at least some, like myself, have the decency to try. This is just my theorizing, but it is valid:

The reason females use this distinctively female phrase, “he put me on a pedestal” (as if they could be content with a male that could be completely detached in how he treats her) to rid what is to them a pest is because, to females, the way a male implies that a female completes them & wishes to have fuller access to her affection & support is an implicit offer that cheapens a female’s sexuality.

This way of placing her as more of a peer is actually the opposite of “putting her on a pedestal”.

You have to remember that female “logic” is often backwards, &, because they have so much power in society, they often inculcate backward meaning.

 What that phrase reveals is how they treat others, in addition to the fact that females take romance for granted because females have the luxury of waiting for more offers to quickly monopolize. Their solipsistic vantage restricts them from understanding the energy used that appears to be weakness. Females thrive off of socializing by fake flattery. In fact, all that is required in many cases for a female to be “right”, in the case of a male shattering her thought process with brutal truth, is for her to go to her consensus for emotional support. It’s the quantity of how many compliments & opinions she will get from her group that will “prove the other person was wrong”. In a female’s mind a male “putting her on a pedestal” is interpreted as something potentially “ungenuine” because that is how females thrive in their friendships, so they are often perplexed by something they often can’t do – being honest, which leads to their presumption of a parasitic male.

Often disregarding what costs was required for that male to get power, females are basically obsessed with power, either in the case of utilizing it from a pragmatic beta male, or in the case of aligning herself with an alpha male, so when they dismiss a male for “putting her on a pedestal”, it’s because she takes it as weakness from him. This unfortunate trap that males experience is due to males being gullible to female illogical language. Our entire society revolves around this gullibility. It’s called gynocentrism.

Her source of her power comes from her sex. She can’t totally control her utility if that male cheapens her sexuality. Only a certain type of male is allowed to do that – a brute, but not a proper male.

In other words: If you get a brain tumor, she will cheat on you with a primitive with a 12 inch penis & then end it with you via skype. This statement is interchangeable because it is both metaphorical & often realistic.

They’re not teaching this in college sociology or psychology courses so it must be “wrong”. I’m using sarcasm.

Some like to claim “not all women are like that.” “I’m not like that.”. Well, this doesn’t concern you then, does it?

Scientific confirmations have concluded that females can be with males they are not drawn to. Generally, The “beta” male is used for her own promotion but that is not the one she respects nor is attracted to. The one she has respect & is attracted to is the one who can cause commotion.

Females are naturally collectivists, so they are obsessed with following & selling out for trends. If a male shows that he is a main figure of a trend, she will likely be drawn to him. However, In many other cases when a male cannot show himself to be a main figure of some sort of pathetic trend, she will then seek that attraction in him through his authority instead because his authority parallels how trends are authoritative in a culture.

Rationalism is not sexy. This is how it is deemed as “awkward” in parties: “Why isn’t that guy rolling in shit like pigs just like us?”, they might whisper amongst each other.

What these filthy animals fail to realize is that many males, particularly the more intelligent ones, after developing anxiety disorders by becoming depressed from excessive cortisol levels & having diminished oxytocin hormonal levels, actually lose the confidence that these females crave from males when such males receive inconsistencies & discover what females want. Then the cycle of mistaking effect for causation continues.

Females hate being in situations of minimal dynamics. Females often need to assess males so that it is easy for them to ordain such males. They hate logical males because these types are too complex for females to fit into their simplistic categories. & this is partly how they call logical males to be “too nice”. These males can not placate their pathetic inferiority complexes. Case: Walking into a clothing store, females will grope many items & just waste time because they constantly need entertainment, & that’ how their boredom places labels of “intensity”, with very little understanding of the actual politics, on any male who can replace their dominance on others . Males will just walk in, buy what they want, & then leave.

I’ve been in past relationships of females initially being attracted to me because I was firstly perceived to be “exotic”/”rebellious” or a “bad boy” – for the wrong reasons, but when they discovered that I was actually this “boring” guy with conservations & morals, they no longer wanted me. They project on to me by aesthetics what they sexually desire, then after discovering that I’m not what they desire, they get angry at me for it.

What’s sad is that males take it as advice to be what they want.

It would be a rare scenario where males say “My ex loved me, but she let me walk all over her so I had to move on to someone who put me in my place”. Most males don’t desire someone to police their behavior, nor create tests for that desire. Males have a better capability for self reflection that females lack. What females generally have is narcissism, which is often mistaken for “introspection”. It’s inconsiderate that they would desire for males to reinforce this policing with little regard for how tiresome it could be for the other.

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