Now playing 6/11/2016: Unsane – Scattered, Smothered & Covered

unsane_scattered_smothered_and_coveredI apologize for the lack of posts in the last few days, but hey, I was doing other, more productive stuff.  I recorded several podcast episodes with Lucy, so expect that shortly, and we did the photo shoot for the “Punks for Trump” t-shirts, which are also going to make their grand debut shortly; thank you Clayton V for the design on those.  And, quite honestly, there was a dearth of things to write about that others hadn’t covered sufficiently elsewhere.

Such as Matt Forney trolling the bejeezus out of Gawker, who is going bankrupt; that sure made my day.  Just goes to show that you can’t bully people around forever and not expect to eventually get slapped back, and hard!  Then, my homegirls Diamond and Silk posted this study, which says that Donald Trump has support from 26% of the black population.  So, maybe it’s time to put that whole “racist” thing to rest?  Of course that won’t ever happen.  Maybe the blacks will finally re-embrace the Republican party, and things will start turning around for them.  Also, if you’re a leftist and think those immigrants will do jobs other Americans won’t, you’re essentially saying that lower end work is for dirty Mexicans only; so you’re the racist.

I’ve also been enjoying the shit show between the Sanders and Clinton camp.  Clinton’s cronies pretty much ensured that, no matter what the people want – and whether Bernie is truly the “voice of the people” is another story altogether – she’s going to push her agenda through either way.  Some Sanders supporters think Trump is so bloody evil, that they’re willing to take the hit with Clinton.  I find that pretty ironic considering Hillary is the shill, the corporatist and the neocon.  But she’s a woman and “not racist.”  Of course, if she wins, America is going bye-bye.  Remember the trickle before the flood, as Enoch Powell once said?  The United States will turn into a land of little, warring nation states, all competing for scarcer and scarcer resources.  The moneyed class which will watch it all go down from their safe, suburban homes on their TVs/smartphones/whatever shitty technological advancements get implanted in their brains, and will essentially avoid more and more parts of the United States.  Under Clinton the future looks really ugly.

On the brighter and more hopeful side, if my job approves my time off request, I will be traveling to Cleveland on July 18th to check out the Republican National Convention; well, not quite.  Since I’m not cool and rich, I don’t get to actually go inside the convention.  Instead I get to hang around, hobnob and just be surrounded by the all of the hullabaloo.  I do not want to miss history in the making even if I do get pelted with eggs.

Anyway, I’m either sick or suffering from an extreme allergy attack and it is HOT in Michigan; nearly 100 degrees, I believe.  But, I have a date from the OKCupid, and I wasn’t born a quitter so I’m going to see if I meet my future wife tonight.

That record in the picture is the MVD LP reissue of Scattered, Smothered & Covered by Unsane.  The album was originally released by the greatest label of all time, Amphetamine Reptile records, and I’ve owned the CD for years.  For a couple years, Unsane was pretty much my favorite band.  Chris Spencer owns on that beat up ol’ telecaster, just playing these crushing, heavy riffs and killer blues solos to boot.  The tight as a girdle rhythm section of bassist Dave Curran and drummer Vinnie Signorelli hold the thing together.  If you’re REALLY curious about this band, read about ’em here, where I kindly reviewed every single one of their fine albums for you.

You may remember them for the “Scrape” video, which was filmed on video camera for $200 and became a dinky MTV hit back in 1995.  I first heard them on the Tromeo & Juliet soundtrack, which is also where I heard the Meatmen and Superchunk for the first time; the Unsane song was “Alleged”, another brutal, heavy crusher.  I’d of course heard Motörhead before, but having “Sacrifice” on there was no slouch.  Since 1995, Unsane have maintained a steady cult following along with taking time off for Spencer to do his other musical projects, the Cutthroats 9, Celan and UXO with Steve Austin of Today Is the Day.  I review the UXO record here.  As of this writing, Unsane is back in action.

Also, bassist Dave Curran, who also plays guitar and sings for his own heavy rock band, Pigs, is a full on Thomas Sowell supporter, just like King Buzzo from the Melvins, whose latest album Basses Loaded just came out and I purchased today on CD, but plan on purchasing again when it comes out on vinyl in a month.  Also, for what it’s worth, I finally got into Big Star, the originators of the sugariest of power pop.

I better wrap this up, but the future actually looks pretty bright and happening.  For all of the old friends I’ve lost because they can’t handle someone they know being a Trump supporter, I gain like five more.  Until next time!

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