Neuro-science & Psychology Discloses Female Amorality Is Actually A Psychopathy, & More Frequent Than We Might’ve Believed


Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Researchers have discovered a better understanding on the disorder of psychopathy, finding that male psychopaths have a different processing of moral judgement than female ones.

“This is just extremism”. No, it is one case of a spectrum.

The specialization of the researches of the following do not offer other factors, For instance, correlations of M.G.M, which can be read in my other article: ‘Some Origins Of Sadomasochism‘, as a major influence on defilements in society & how there’s more infuriated males, likely because it would be deemed too “woo-woo”. They’re missing links because they are not avant garde enough, or likely because they want to look extra professional among peers. True: more male psychopaths than females due to males being more prominent in society, but what is interesting about the following is that it explains a hidden aspect of it. Females showed uniquely less activity in their right temporoparietal junction, an area associated with classification of purpose & justice. In other words: Male psychopaths are more likely to have some feelings of guilt when criminal or they tend to have a motive for committing crimes. Female ones are less likely to have guilt or have motive – just done by spur-of-the-moment.
The inconclusive, spur-of-the-moment & n.l.p. intuition of females is the general axiom. Sure,an extreme form of it, but it is just one out of many versions. Females are quite poor planners because they have different brains than males.

Even though many psychopaths are established to be unable or to process human emotions normally, researchers have found variations of the latter in sexes. In the journal: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, they used neuroimaging technology to ascertain brain inactivity in male & female psychopathic brains to have sub-sets of differentiation.

Psychopathy is of a cruel & impulsive nature. According to the study, little study on female psychopaths have been done. It’s probable because of a ratio of male to female psychopaths being 20:1. Let’s be neutral. This study is not specifically regarding that ratio, but a different brain of male & females, & if you had read the introductory part, these scientists specialized in a given field – missing other factors. The disorder features a reduction to activity in the zones of the brain that dictate emotion & reduced responses to emotional stimuli.

When examining the activity of these brains, they discovered male ones to have less response in their ventromedial prefrontal cortex & amygdala – both zones in the brain aiding in the judgement of morality. Prior to, zones of such areas in females were relatively inconclusive.

The Mind Research Network of Albuquerque brought more comparative studies of females & males. With functional magnetic resonance imaging, the team of researches had 157 reported female criminals detained in a medium-security correctional facility compared to 46 without the disorder. Researchers examined brain activity while test subjects watched moral, non-emotional, & emotional images, along with rating individuals based on the severity of their conduct disorder. Researchers found that what was similar was when these females were tested, they had less activity in the amygdala & the anterior cingulate cortex. What was different was that females showed noticeable less activity in their right temporoparietal junction, an area for attribution of intentions & justice.

The researchers claimed that results gives evidence of aberrant neural responses to morally-salient stimuli different with female psychopaths, revealing newer discoveries  on a previously unexplored study, of emotional processing of male to female psychopathy.

Meaning: female psychopaths process morality differently than male counterparts. A female psychopath is a completely different type.

Extreme divisions are necessary. They are subsections. What does sub-sections have to do with the lives you or I live? Well, I’ll type with what it is like to gamble with female psychological types; case: The “different” female:

How do I – a bookish one – type from anecdotal, which seems to be contrived with an agenda, to empirical data. Because I’m not defeatist. I employ my own experiments for my personal desires, as well as study empirical data, so I’ve had more encounters with females than one would think.

I was recently reported to authorities as “harassing” for approaching a female in plain, robotic manner. She was a goth/punk, etc., advertising to the world: “I’m different, I’m unique. You can just be free-spirited, humble with me.” But often the case is that these types are just bored yuppies who want to make themselves believe they’re extra special. They might have like some green hair & some tattoos, but true individuality – thinking differently, the “borg” can not tolerate. They can’t even handle the burden of the independent option of just saying “no thanks”, or something like that because they’re not truly individuals. They just want to hog more attention is all, but without having to earn those badges of actually being different. I believe this case of manipulation is linked to their verbosity. I was then harassed by a police officer who liked to call himself “the executioner”.

All these situations that they conflated as crimes were really only matters of their self indulgent addictions altered for a brief instance. Having their casual mindsets altered is a problem for females, & that’s also why females think that if a male approaches plainly & honestly, he must be “shy” & “lame” in the bedroom, & the reason that is is because females can not foresee the future well because of their bad planning – living in the moment, same as the misleading cultural idea that if a male has his own set of preferences & would rather do pussy-worship, or ass-worship, etc., with his mouth than hard penetration, that “must mean fem.-dom.”, or something like that.

On another occasion, because I dared to be myself, another female made a false accusation that I was “trying to steal” after she had the nerve to say “maybe” during my approach, & then also saying “Wait here, I’ll be back.”

Debating with the not-all-women-are-like-that types, which is just making more lazy assumptions because most of “masculinists” never claimed all, but most, becomes them trivializing you as just anecdotal because they’re conflicting claim is that they know some who aren’t like that – anecdotal. ~75% of them are like that, but even if I’m deluded & only 50%(-) are like that, why does the good times they’ve had excuse the badness of some?

I’m still informed with data of “weird” styles. Feminism has grown in the “weird” style communities. I have seen a feminist blogger stating that “She’s tired of receiving death-threats from metal-heads” for being a female creator, but there’s no way this is true, or it’s an exaggeration, because I was raised in these scenes as a teenager; punk/metal/goth/electronics, etc., & the people – 95% males – who made those escapist avenues, most of them, made them for the specific reason to get away from the issues & pettiness of normal society. It’s mostly fantasy-land for them. The interesting thing though that I noticed is, which I was still, then in a confused teenage state, struggling with: “no, that can’t be true”, is that you do occasionally get bullies in such scenes, & the ones who tend to gravitate towards them are, you guessed it, the females, or they gravitate towards some other idiots.

This fucking bitch that I used to work with who called the police on me, same as the “different” type, was always harassing me at the job that I had with her because I requested for the counselor policy that this old job offered. She thought that my “weakness” was disgusting, even though I wanted to have absolutely nothing personal to do with her, & she thought too highly of herself because she probably had some pathetic 40~50 year olds getting sex from her due to desperation. Other females gossiped as well to lesser degrees. The reason why she treated me the way she did is because females are basically bullies that don’t actually bully. I’ll type exactly what I mean: I’m a pretty good looking male, not bragging, just making a point; I’m fit, I’m tall, I have a sculpted, boxy jaw & face, & when a male is this, he’s communicating to a female’s presumptions that he too would like to just sign himself to do a little song-&-dance & introduce himself in the implied male peer rating. With their entitlement, they think that you want to be a contestant. They want to see you struggle, & get your “hands dirty”, & see you even get aggressive among other males & in front of them, etc., & that’s why females have a tendency to hate it – “is this just sex to you”, etc., or call it “creepy,” “immature,” “inferior” when males just want a friendship with benefits or for her to be more “motherly” (not of incest). Males who confidently – usually obliviousness – participate in it don’t even realize it. It’s an implied contest. & what do you win? You get to “run around in circles” with the ambiguous, fake loyalty as she continues to evaluate the game. So this fucking cunt would try to provoke me to lash out at work, she’d gossip, & she started politics with the main boss. I approached her much later when I didn’t work there just to give her a little bit of my philosophy – freedom of speech. She then called the police & made lies. They have no respect for a male’s person-hood. We’re the “creepy” ones for not playing the contest, being literal, non aggressive, & rational. They’ll try to make claims that such males are “creepy” because there’s often the reflection that subtly implies they’re creepy.
Women are completely excused to make it personal in the work force, start drama & politics from petty matters or some tiny accidents, but if you – as a male – try the same, you could get arrested because they have the power to abuse freedom of speech in my country & make false claims. It’s happened to me a few times. The police listen to whatever the females say instantly because the chivalry is so attached to traditional society. They don’t know what’s really happening.
Do not make the philosophy public. Not to condemn m.r.a.s, do not make the same mistake they made. Remember what they did to Paul Elam when he tried to do an interview with the mainstream? Make all documents on other formats.
I spent 24 hours in jail – shuffled in holding cells while petty paper-work was processed. Long story condensed: a woman lied to police after I got philosophical with her, claimed that I threatened & damaged property. But that’s not the most interesting part. The most interesting part is that I heard 5 other men explain similar situations of which they were arrested after trying to debate peacefully with their partners, & that one of them, after trying to restrain his girlfriend threatening him with a knife, he – not she – got arrested instead.
That was some important info. I gained from experiential living, like a documentary film.

I have also heard of this same thing, not to exact frequency, in the “geek”/comic-book/anime, etc., demographics of these females advertising that they’re different & that you could have some cozy conversation about simple stuff reduced of the sports-tournaments, but, really, these females are usually misplacing themselves because they have some kind of complex, like daddy-issues, so they want the extra attention & comfort.The “different” female is generally the type who goes to such avenues because she can’t get what she wants & she is transitively waiting for what she does want to come to her. She is just an “Mtv.” loser.
I’m not trying to type that they should be obliged to just start sucking penises of everyone, but what I am typing is that these females are often a deadly trap. They will, quite possibly, ruin your life, or  some amount of time, because you, as a weird or different/individual male, dared to approach a “princess”; “Should we call security”, “creep”, “get away from us”, “we don’t owe you anything”, “this guy tried raping me”, etc. – all implied because she was slightly bothered for ~30 seconds – “squash that “pathetic” fly for daring to be himself”. “It made me traumatized that I had to be uncomfortable for a little while.” This sort of thing happens quite frequently, actually.
Of this sub-section, it was these types of females who dared to use an identification mark that isn’t really theirs’ to use. They have had essentially no involvement in contributing to such groups, other than standing as props, & often bring into those groups what the ones who constructed such avenues specifically tried to get away from. So the little warrior-that-could is so unique that she can make it to get coffee 2 miles from her house to show her pink hair, but, partly because as our modern society is now easier, if something as slight as a male being himself happens to her, she’s going to conflate that.

The truth is is that females tend to despise true individuality.

The P.U.A. likes to entertain the notion that they’re of a masculine individuality, but really they’re just feminine emulators. Some of the most famous ones are not even so smart. They can barely even form a decent paragraph live without a computer & access to urban-dictionary-dot-com, or something like that. Although I will state that the most honorable thing the p.u.a. Roosh V did was go on mainstream tv. & state that overweight females (although I personally do enjoy chubby females, in addition to other types.) are inexcusable because it reclaimed standards for masculinity. The p.u.a. types though are just feminine. Feminine collectivism transcends female nature. P.U.A.s act like women while proclaiming the “real-man” thing. It is in a female’s nature to use tactics, theatricals, be anti-science & prioritize greed over ideals, & be concerned with fashion. So, because it’s a sub-set of males adopting female behavior, what results is a sort of hybrid freak act that makes it a bit indistinguishable that these males are acting like females. They understand, whether subconsciously or full, the nature of females, rather than abiding to the greater good, they take advantage, like traitors, to only waste time, which they could use to point the major problems, such as one fact that females are automatically collectivist, so because of that, the p.u.a. adopts feminine tactics to be approved by female herd mentality.
I have some respect for people like Mark Rudov because his approach is just weeding by remaining completely masculine & not an actor. The average p.u.a. though is just an effeminate sleaze.

So they say:”stand up for yourself”/Don’t put women on a pedestal”, etc.. Then when you do that & say anything real, you get bad treatment. It doesn’t make sense.

To borrow a quote from Esther Vilar: “As absurd as it may sound: today’s men need feminists more than their wives do. Feminists are the last ones who still describe men the way they like to see themselves: as egocentric, power-obsessed, ruthless, and without inhibitions when it comes to satisfying their animalistic instincts. Therefore… Women’s Libbers find themselves in the strange predicament of doing more to maintain the status quo than anyone else. Without their arrogant accusations the macho man would no longer exist, except perhaps in the movies. If the press didn’t stylize men as rapacious wolves, the actual sacrificial lambs of this ‘men’s society’, men themselves, would no longer flock to the factories so obediently.”

Dubiously, It’s actually most females who fit this misrepresentative “macho” description explained by Vilar. This “macho” definition applied to males & assented by males is a false meme originally surmised in pandemic by females’ circumscribed personal extraction of presumptuous vaunting of just some of the opposite sex, often endorsed to gain acceptance, which has a magnetic like resonance on their own vanity, hence the male hero rescuing the poor damsel in distress who was bothered for ~30 seconds – not a real crime, just a matter of opinion, or different philosophy.

This self-indulgence is actually a form of psychopathy. What we have known about varying degrees of psychopathy has been incomplete.

Women are more frequently excused from antisocial or aggressive behaviors because they have a different way of executing those behaviours. What these females did to me was, by definition, different styles of crimes. The lies they used against me were used by covert violence.

A psychologist named Seth Meyers, Psy.D stated that he attends trainings regularly & hears experts talk about how the number of female psychopaths is actually much higher than currently reported.  Verbal craft & manipulation are charecteristics of such disorders with females, along with jealousy & harm.

Covert or relational aggression has been researched on females with relational aggression, disclosing females’ display of aggression is much different than males – harm is caused by damaging someone’s relationships or social status, as well as using proxy violence. Gossiping & suggesting among each other about a male that other female peers don’t like that a female in that group involved in is quite common. Female aggression is nuanced & prettier. The documents of male psychopaths or maladjusted males were evaluated because their actions were obvious & physical. The females brand of it is much less documented because this is an observationally casual society. Think an old & seemingly kind older female nurse. This women could be a psychopath but her appearance as an extra gentle female in a caring profession makes others’ minds stuck.

According to professional psychologists, the hallmarks of such disorders are glibness, lack of conscience, & comfort & arrogance, & disregard for others’ stations.
There’s quite literally many psychopaths unnoticed at work, the gym, etc..

So the psychologist Seth Meyers concluded – straight from the professional field – that the female psychopath is just as dangerous, & even more so because she is less detectable, as male ones, but each just looks different with different styles. If an expert on such minds & behavior knows what society is lacking, this means that the judicial system is still inadaquate in documenting crimes, & even explains why there are some documented male psychopaths – false allegations. The police come from traditional societies, with that, they are collectivists for females, & therefore, anti-science or a-science. The science reported by the psychologist conflicts with what the police believe, or more often don’t believe/think – they’re just there to do their job, not think.
Remember: Female collectivism – “The Borg” from ‘Star Trek’ – transcends the biological female. Masculinity/individuality is not allowed to flourish or it is limited. We still get feminine collectivism in “masculinist” communites by males who are more ready to deflect males & superficially critique this fake thing called feminism instead of discerning female nature. So this is not a problem of me having bad luck. What this is really about is that if one tries to show his honest masculinity, he’s going to receive conflict as a minority. We males who think for ourselves have very little outlets to have the truth leak out because in public our harmless commentary is “criminal”, & then on the typed or recorded format, we’re “liars trying to make money on the internet,” or “just pathetic losers who can’t get a life, so we’re seeking attention to compensate.”

Feminists have started a slanderous piece that “intellectual males enjoy being cuckolded in front of their cheating companions.” This was a recent retaliation to the recent memes of the correlations of political female sexuality when enjoying or tolerating rape-themes incorporated with sex. I’s obvious what these feminists would do in a live situation considering they resort to such tactics.

Sources: Harenski C, Edwards B, Kiehl K, et al. Neural correlates of moral and non-moral emotion in female psychopathy. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. 2014.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience is an open-access journal.

Seth Meyers Psy.D., Aug. 10, 2015. Your Field Guide To The Female Psychopath ( & why we rarely see her coming.)


14 thoughts on “Neuro-science & Psychology Discloses Female Amorality Is Actually A Psychopathy, & More Frequent Than We Might’ve Believed

  1. Females tend to think in terms of better-or-worse. They don’t really know the concept of different. How dare you approach a female without first showing her your rank in the sports-tournament. It’s an implied insult to her mentality. She wants to see you first compete in a party, etc., so that she can have that comparison of better-or-worse, & if you take away that comparison by presenting something different, it takes away her method.

    Males usually don’t like sexually “dominant” females for the fem.-dom. aspect. That’s just defined by the feminine. They like them because they’re easy.

    Consider what exactly is the rugged/Alex Grey archetype. A rugged man, without the sex appeal that females have glamorized, but actually objectively, is nothing more than an abused male. Essentially, females like abused, or wrong, masculinity.

    • Some women have told me they know if they’d sleep with a guy within five minutes of seeing him. I used to think it meant whether he was good looking or not, but it’s actually based on his supposed pecking order upon entering a room, how he ranks among others in the room.

      • I’ve had a severe experience with that pecking order; This fake punk & hardcore crowd, who ruined a better scene – most was just natural – prior to it’s bombardment of politics & trying to emulate G.G. Allin with female groupies,. It’s a long typing of how these kids we’re poseurs, as much as everyone hates that word, but they didn’t really care about the attitude – “just be natural” – or even progressing the music & shows. They came in with their lazy renditions as just an excuse to turn it into a “frat/jock” environment posing as the contrary. So I came in one concert to hear the music & see. Because I was distinctive – I was just doing my own thing & minding my own business & just there for the night, they took that as like a territorial threat or insult, especially because other female groupies were curious as to who I was, not really involved but just there for the music, & I when I go to such gatherings, I really do just remain natural to the point that it looks different or “weird”. Afterwards, they tried provoking me for “getting out of line”, in a fucking “punk” setting of all places. This – what I did, or didn’t do – is what is sometimes called a “sigma” male – a male not regarded highly in the pecking order but has the appearance of being “alpha” because he’s distinctive. These kids weren’t aware of such sexology & psychology, but they behaved in a way consistent with the science, regardless of the contrarian fashion they subscribed to

      • ♂ They want to see you do things you don’t really want to do, like waste time with burdensome people you don’t really care for, or degrade yourself, drink alcohol, etc., because females are “macho” & they want to be around other males who act this way. ♂

      • I’m just surprised that a GG Allin type of crowd would be seen as glamorous. Seems like it would be pretty scuzzy and there would hardly be a pecking order, or maybe I’m mistaken?

      • “I’m just surprised that a GG Allin type of crowd would be seen as glamorous. Seems like it would be pretty scuzzy and there would hardly be a pecking order, or maybe I’m mistaken?”
        To answer: In my locality, this happened. Different states fluctuate differently. In Knew York, there’s more post-hardcore/metal-core/”karate”-core/”thug”-core. In California, more street-punk/”fashion”-punk. In my locality, the way that the place is divided is more isolated; there was a traditional hardcore/crust/& punk crowd, & then from another area, there was a crowd that was more about the “locust”, but they were really just jocks & poseurs, so, wanting to reap all the obscurer bands & styles, they also came in with their juvenile popularity contests. These “pretty boys” brought in a lot more female groupies, & because of that, the pecking-order attitude naturally came with it. They didn’t look like a G.G. Allin crowd, but they acted like that.

      • I forgot to mention! I saw the Murder Junkies in their final gig last night! The singer deliberately dressed like GG Allin, but no, he didn’t poop or cut himself. Just did the normal thing. It was still righteous though!

        Our scene, or at least the one I go to, is either arty hipster punk kids or scuzzed out patch covered denim rawkers. We don’t have thug core or karate core, which I guess is that hardcore shit where they do a lot of martial arts moves.

        I actually hung with a hardcore kid last weekend and didn’t even know that shit existed still, but I think it goes out to smaller towns who are usually 5 to 10 years behind underground trends.

      • Well, the style labeling isn’t even really the point because a lot of that is just facades anyway. I just point that the behavior is repeating patterns. An “indie rocker” can be nothing more than some slovenly loser or a pathetic snob while trying to act the contrary. That’s all just mostly surface level stuff.

      • Completely agree. Which is why so many people hate me and think I’m a dick. I’ve been “blacklisted” by Detroit feminists. They’ve been told that, if they see me at a bar, to not fuck me. OH WELL!!!

      • The whole “hipster” thing comes from the original hippy trend, so, really, the people doing those things – get intoxicated, listen to eccentric music, & dress eccentric – are all just some variation of it. I just look at the behaviour & actions, not the dress codes & styles. Most of the cultural & slang stuff doesn’t even have substantial meaning.

      • The term hipster goes back to the 1940s and was another word for hepcat, jazz fans who were hip to emerging trends – since there was no internet and media coverage was limited, the jazz clubs were truly an underground phenomenon. Hipsters of today and hippies of yesterday are sub cultures, and I’m sure they had an elitist, “you’re not one of us” attitude about it, but I think with hippies, that wasn’t the main thing. The main thing was to be a freak. That’s why I correct people for calling me a hipster. I’m a weirdo, but I’m in no way on vanguard of any new trends. Unless nerdy 70s stuff becomes a trend, ha.

      • E.O., that link you showed me earlier that stated that psychopaths aren’t even necessarily violent was very useful. I should’ve included that good point.

    • So the point is, which I don’t think I’ve made it well enough, is that the biggest trend right now, by whatever people like to call it, is this “Mtv.” fashion, acting nonsense, & males who are doing their own thing are already “losers”. In my case, I’m a book addict, & that already makes me “creepy” by females, especially because females are anti-science. I have my own standards & my own goals, but the culture prioritizes this other unproductive nonsense, which then causes the projection that I’m “suffering” from failing to be like them. The only thing I’m suffering from is that I have to deal with them & their negative influence.

      • & also, a lot of the “hipster” denigration by is due to others not having yet learned to analyze what they really should.

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