I’m Not an “Ally of Color” or Stop Being a Black Metal Fag

me_black_metalNo matter how many times I’m told to go back to Israel (even though I’m not from there), called a kike, hebie or Jew boy or simply told that I’m not to be trusted by the so called “pure ones” of the Alternative Right, I can’t help but think they’re doing nothing more than peddling the mentality of the early 90s, Norwegian black metal scene.  If you’re not familiar with that, bands like Mayhem, Burzum and Darkthrone were extremely exclusive about who was allowed to participate in their so-called music scene, alternately known as the “black metal inner circle.”  They made their records almost unlistenable to the normal ear by recording everything in as low fidelity manner as possible, and they sang in some of the harshest, screechiest vocals a person can muster before his voice is shot.

And that’s just what these bands sound like.  While one could posit that, like many a fine rock ‘n’ roll band, most black metal bands were out for shock value, then one would have to contend with the fact that Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) was involved with several church burnings and stabbed former Mayhem guitarist, Euronymous, to death, leading to his being sentenced to 21 years in prison; he was released after 15. Faust, the drummer for Emperor, was sentenced to fourteen years in prison for stabbing a homosexual to death; claims vary as to whether it was indeed because he was a homosexual or whether Faust just wanted to kill somebody.

When several other churches started going up in flames, and the graffiti related to the crimes read “hail Satan”, Varg was the first person to slap his forehead in annoyance and proclaim, “ugh, they don’t get it.”  After all, Varg and all of these other Norwegian black metal musicians weren’t Satanists; they were Odinists, and Varg later became a neo-Nazi.  It didn’t matter that churches were going up in flames, the very thing that Varg and the other black metal musicians wanted; it mattered that they were going up in flames for the wrong reason.

Furthermore, around the mid-90s, one could open up numerous metal magazines, such as Pit or Slayer and find interviews with bands who were angry that bands such as Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir were taking on the black metal mantle.  How dare they call themselves black metal?!  They use keyboards!  They have slightly above shitty production!  They sing about vampires!  Girls go to their shows!  Their t-shirts and records are in mall record shops!  I thought Metallica fans were retarded for the vehement hatred they bestowed up on the band when they released their infamous alterna-grunge-rock record Load, but this was just plain ridiculous!

Of course black metal isn’t the only genre upon which the cries of sellout were a common thing; grindcore fans acted no better when they yelled at Napalm Death for going from the grindcore of From Enslavement to Obliteration to the more technical and slightly better produced death metal of Harmony Corruption.

But that’s beside the point.  The point is that the Alternative Right essentially wants a Westernized and white ethnostate.  They complain that Israel is allowed to have an ethnostate, or heck that Japan wouldn’t be too pleased if you started importing a bunch of whites into their country and demographically changing it, yet European populations are being displaced by non-Western foreigners who don’t share their values.  Coincidentally their more “race conscious” views align to a point with non-race conscious Americans that simply don’t want to see the United States turn into a third world country on account of lax immigration policies; ones that have fundamentally changed the demographics of several European countries like Sweden and made them considerably less safe.  For instance, thanks to the influx of immigrants from Muslim countries, Sweden is now the rape capital of the world.

As a result, Donald Trump and his pro-wall building and anti-Muslim rhetoric struck a chord with the Alternative Right.  I agree with building a wall or, at very least, making immigration policies stricter.  I want to preserve the United States’ way of life and not let it become a balkanized third world country.  This means, in effect, that I have interests which align with people on the Alternative Right.  But, there’s just one problem…


I don’t hide that I’m a Jew because that would be even sneakier, wouldn’t it?  Maybe some of my brethren started Cultural Marxism, but how am I responsible for that?  Milo Yiannopoulos’ and Allum Bokhari’s now legendary (on the right-o-sphere anyway) Breitbart piece functioned in the same way that Kerrang or Metal Hammer metal mags initially reported on black metal.  Regardless of what they said about the Alternative Right – and from the article, it seems only positive – this was not good enough.  Nope, in their estimation, the notion that some press is better than no press is superseded by the fact that Milo is a fag, who gets black dicks up the ass, even though he never once said this in the article and doesn’t try to foist this onto the AltRight.

What the peeps on the AltRight, at websites such as Counter Currents and The Right Stuff, don’t get it is that, once your ideas are out there, anybody can do anything with them.  The original black metal bands, in spite claiming that they only wanted “their own kind” (another parallel with the more “Aryan” members of the AltRight), still had their stuff released on labels like Century Media and Peaceville; meaning that, people who weren’t of the “purest stock” would listen to them and like them.

This is the same thing that’s happening with the Alternative Right.  Websites like Davis Aurini’s Stares at the World or Roosh V’s Return of Kings are not White Nationalist sites.  The former is a Dark Enlightenment site and the latter is a Neomasculine site.  But they share many of the same values with people on the Alternative Right.  According to a  few AltRight people, Roosh can’t be Alternative Right because Roosh is a kabob.  It seems like many people from the AltRight are nothing more than former Stormfront readers; Now, for fucking hell’s sake, do you really, HONESTLY want a “Jew-in-my-sandwich” kook like David Duke associating with the Alternative Right?  That man claims that race realist Jew Eugene Girin, in spite being pro-white, cannot be on the side of whites because of the Talmud.  The fucking Talmud.  I was asked by a former neo-Nazi skinhead once if I hate whites because the Talmud says you’re supposed to treat Goys like animals.  I’VE NEVER READ THE MOTHERFUCKING TALMUD… and I don’t know a single Jew who has.

Thankfully not everyone is like that; RamZPaul appears to be welcoming of Jews as long as those Jews are not anti-white.  Andy Nowicki doesn’t hate Jews; he doesn’t love them either, but nobody’s asking him to.  And me?  I love white culture.  You hear that?  I. Love. White. Culture.  Wanna see how much I love white culture?  That’s me at the renaissance fair celebrating white, European culture.  Of course the P.C. magnates (I know, you’re going to say they’re all Jews) won’t let you call it a White European festival.  Well, perhaps they should?  And again, RamZPaul made the point clear; just because he’s promoting white culture, doesn’t mean he’s denigrating black, Asian or Hispanic culture.  So what’s the big deal?


Bottom line is, if you heard the way my parents talked at the dinner table, you would be hard pressed to believe you were listening to the conversation of a Jewish family, a liberal family, that is.  They’re against affirmative action, and they’re for closing the border.  They don’t really condone too much miscegenation.  They feel it’s fine for white Europeans to be proud of their ethnic heritage.  They feel that, if you want to live among your own people, that is perfectly fine.  They have Alternative Right beliefs.

Personally, I’m not as obsessed with race, but I still feel that The Bell Curve holds truisms.  I also have friends who are black, Asian and Hispanic, and I’m not tossing them out of my life any time soon.  If I pointed out to them that it’s not fair for them to get to express pride in their cultures, but for whites to not be allowed to express pride in theirs, they would agree.  But, you know what’s really striking?  I’m doing the job of the AltRight for them.  While Takimag commentors TruthSayer and RacistMcShootface may yell at me and tell me to go back to Israel (where I’m not even from), I’m selling the AltRight to people in a normal way that doesn’t make it seem threatening.  To those guys, I’m just another Jew diluting their message, but to me and many who agree, I’m telling white people that they don’t have to feel guilty of being white.

And the most I can get for my efforts is for a certain Greg Paulson to call me an “ally of color”?  Do I honestly look like anything “of color”?  Do I look more Jewish than Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer, a self-professed neo-Nazi?

To the people like Jared Taylor, Andy Nowicki and RamZPaul, who accept people as long as they share their values, rock on!  To the people at Counter Currents, Trad Youth and The Right Stuff who only see me as an “ally of color”, you’re a bunch of faggot LARPers.  And to the Stormfront transplants, who think that Donald Trump’s election and his pushing of the Overton window to the right, will eventually result in my deportation, keep dreaming. You’re not deporting me, and you’re not deporting Roosh.

And, if you really don’t want me to go to your country clubs or to have a drink with you after an American Renaissance conference, remember this goes both ways.

4 thoughts on “I’m Not an “Ally of Color” or Stop Being a Black Metal Fag

  1. Pilcrows (¶) = paragraph marks. ¶ As absurd as this reads: my personal speculation is that T**** is not actually pro-w****(*”bad word”), but I could be wrong. I don’t trust the American politics. They have a tendency to make maneuvers strategically. In my estimation, T****is really just trying to provoke fighting & distractions of many kinds among the w***** & b*****, etc.. He’s got the loud stamina to provoke those with i.q.s of ~80-90, as well as making the w***** “come out of the closet” as a leader. When dealing with politics, always think strategically. What is the plan they have? It’s to be the ruling plutocratic class of loungers off of the lower classes of both w***** & the rest – that’s what Mar*** is. There are many disguises, so they do their plans all by a chess-game, & they wish to dilute the blood of w***** because they know the smarter ones are harder to control. making calamity fosters more distractions. I’m very speculative of most politics I’m bombarded with. Technocracy is the only system of government that actually has the most pro-w**** agenda. ¶ So this makes me read as a total poseur & “ass-kisser”, I’m one of the muds like Roosh V: I’m pro-white because they create civilization. I’ve known, both by experience & data, central & south A******* fuck like rabbits. They have lower i.q.s, start large families ~5(+) children without even really planning on how to raise them, so then they start aimlessly wondering, spreading, flooding job markets, then selling drugs to naive 13 year olds & contributing to more degeneracy., & that’s another contribution of the “Mtv.” culture as a major distraction to what’s really happening. So the original w**** way was productivity before cultural adoptions. ¶ Back to my point of strategic thinking: they love for w***** to argue loudly about pros & cons because it keeps them from the objective. ¶ You can learn a lot from the others who fuck like rabbits. W***** are hardworking, but the only viable option, strategically, as absurd as this reads, is that w***** become hypersexual instead of pro-or-con per se, & that’s also why feminism is a major detriment to w*****/civilization – because it allows females to indulge in their immaturity – smoking pot, “Mtv.” lifestyle, lack of commitment, expanding their anti-progress opinions, instead of steering them to submit & being utilized for the greater good. So the best counter-strategy is to promote that w**** become less interested in politics & more about starting large families. Holding signs & shouting outside a building will not help per se, By passing info. along to your fellow comrades, you can forge alternative options. That’s why I contribute blogs about such things as how m.g.m. takes away the chemical reaction that would occur with couples to be more committed to each other. I’m pro-w***** because I’d rather be around a greater proportion of innovation & civility than lower i.q.s of belligerence, etc., & that’s not a false idea. I was raised to make comparisons more than many could. Double digit i.q. ones really do start more fights. So maybe the p.u.a.s have some good strategies, but they are not committed for a greater good. As “poseur-ish” or even ulterior as this may read, rather than focusing on what the double digit i.q. ones do, it’s better to promote a larger proportion of w***** at this point. ¶ There’s a theory that Ad*** H***** – the man from the 40s with the funny mustache – was actually working for the apposite of what he claimed to be fighting because he did not promote that they start large families, but instead tricked thousands upon thousands of w**** stock to be slaughtered. True or not, it’s something thought provoking. ¶ So why me – a mongrel – concerned, like a poseur, with being pro-w****? The only way I know how to answer is that I’m a “self-hater”. I don’t know if your familiar with that term, but that’s enough typing. ¶ The politicians say all this stuff & impress the crowds with well-dressed posturing, but it’s obvious what they’re doing. What really happens in the halls of power is more about moneymaking than lawmaking. Not really about policy, but extorting money, although there are some concerned with policy. Regardless, communicating to a democracy’s feelings, I doubt even those genuinely interested more in policy would have an exceptional being. Commercialism allows passing, or threatening to pass, certain laws. The two apossitional parties only appear to be enemies in the media. They benefit from each other for commercial means. Politics is somewhat like the sensitive & immature appearance rating of job-interviews. It’s mostly choreographed acting. What appears to be arguing over policy is actually a partnership of extracting money from the audience by entertainment. It doesn’t even really matter who wins because they all get paid. Division, conflict, & calamity is also good business for Washington. The reason the American tax code is such a maze & changing frequently is because it’s a crafty tool for extortion to enrichment of the political class. [Citation: ‘Extortion – How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes & Line Their Own Pockets’ by Peter Schweizer, pg.:8, 9, 38.]

    • I hope you’re not a self hater; I don’t think anybody should be a self hater for what they were born. Promoting pro-white interests is not necessarily promoting anti-black interests. I just think it means holding everyone to the same Western standard of working hard and keeping your backyard clean; it was only after the 1960s that the black population had the problems they do now and many in the black community are speaking out against them and the creation of “dindu culture.” Trump is not a white Nationalists, he’s a Western Nationalist and many blacks go to his rallies, more than any at had for Republicans in the last 30 years at least, if I’m not mistaken. You also should keep in mind that Roosh began his career more than ten years ago teaching men how to get pussy because too many horny guys were going around not understanding how other men, men who didn’t seem to deserve to, were getting the women. It’s through that path that he learned how women and men are totally different. The thing about whites and Westerners populating the U.S. brings up the question of what has to happen first: do women have to be less slutty moving forward or do men have to suppress their urges and wait FOREVER to get any action? Until feminism is curbed, men will have to go around getting play unless they know with 99.9999% certainty they’ve met a reliable woman to start a family with. It’s that Aaron Clarey book Enjoy the Decline. He’s got great advice for how to survive as *individual*, but how to keep Western society afloat I’m not so sure.

  2. Apparently Varg Vikernes has quite the following now. His Youtube Channel, ThuleanPerspective has over 130,000 subscribers, and apparently Styxhexenhammer666 is among them. I’m not sure if most of those people are aware that Varg is a murderer, and I have the feeling that if his neo-nazi lemmings ever learned about his violent past (with the exception of Styx, who is no lemming) they would claim that Euronymous was a degenerate who deserved what he got.

    • I wouldn’t doubt it. What’s sad about Mayhem is that, when Euronymous started the band in like 1984, he was 14, and they were singing songs like “Chainsaw Gutsfuck”, and everything was supposed to be like Venom or Slayer, kind of tongue in cheek. Then, when they started to get a following, he all of a sudden started taking himself very seriously, and that’s when churches went up in flames and people got killed. Euronymous was also a hardcore Communist.

      Regarding Burzum; overrated, but I like one of their albums a lot.

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