A Really Great Cast of Characters

me_thomas_sowell_american_hardcoreSome people on the Alternative Right or the semi-Alternative Right or even just the un-PC, but not too crazy radical Alternative Right might get my emails or see my comments and think a.) who the hell is this weirdo with the leather jacket and tattoos? and b.) why does he act like he’s on cocaine every time he writes something?  A few weeks ago, I wrote how I became a Trump-supporting, AltRight, punk rock Jew, but I failed to make the direct parallel between the punk/underground world and the right-o-sphere; and not even necessarily the AltRight-o-sphere.

Y’see, when you get into a particular genre or sub-genre of music, you don’t just become a fan of the music.  You wear the t-shirts, you take on the persona of the people involved, you contact the musicians, you find ways to participate yourself, you find ways to not just be a passive observer; you’ve essentially found your second tribe, hence the term subculture.  Part of that experience is meeting an awesome cast of characters, who aren’t just known for the music they make, the bands they were in or the labels they started, but also what kind of people they are and what kind of views they espouse.

Take punk rock for instance; anybody who knows a little about it knows that Johnny Rotten is a cantankerous, yet witty person.  He or she knows the Ramones are those guys with the motorcycle jackets and mop top haircuts, the Clash are the wannabe proletarian heroes, who espouse bogus Marxist views, the Jam are the guys that dress like mods, that Poly Styrene is the black chick that fronts X-Ray Spex, Billy Idol is the pretty boy who sings for Generation X, Richard Hell is the cool beat poet guy, Debbie Harry is the sassy, blonde bombshell and so on and so forth.

Hell, if you’re a fan of punk’s underground spin-off, hardcore, then you know damn well there’s a massive difference between a degenerate freak like GG Allin, a left-wing polemicist like Jello Biafra, a zero fun having, straight edge zealot like Ian Mckaye, a diminutive Elvis parody like Glenn Danzig and a cantankerous, curmudgeonly nerd like Steve Albini.

So, what does that have to do with the right?

To a man, I feel the right-o-sphere, or whatever group I forced myself into with this blog and all of my annoying comments, pretty much functions in the same way.  The more I learned about some of these people, the more interesting it became to learn about the topics they discuss.  And, just like with the punk scene, or any music scene, to simplify the right into one, unified group, shows a lack of understanding.

Back when you could call me a cuckservative, I was really into people like Steve Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer – who I once confused with Richard Spencer – Debbie Schlussel and the whole crew at Rebel Media and Breitbart.  I still enjoy their commentary and their put-downs of Social Justice Warriors and Islam.

But then, just as the punk rocker might try to find something a bit more esoteric or more extreme, I discovered Takimag, Alternative Right and a whole bunch of related websites, and hoo boy… actually, at first the stuff they said didn’t seem that much different from that there first group I pointed out, but as it turned out, if Crowder, Shapiro and Lauren Southern are new wave, then Takimag is grindcore.

I got to know a whole new cast of neato characters; the witty outsider Jim Goad, the “infamous” Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole, the Human Biodiversity specialist Steve Sailer, former National Review writer John Derbyshire, race realist Jared Taylor, immigration expert Peter Brimelow and the aforementioned Richard Spencer, who, if I’m not mistaken, coined the term Alternative Right.  Since Gavin McInnes writes for Taki’s, appears on Rebel Media and even on Greg Gutfeld’s show, that’s where some of my confusion set in.

Goad’s article on black reparations was about the most brilliant thing I’d ever read, and I was so excited about it, I  even showed it to my parents.  My dad asked, “yeah, but how popular is this website, and how many people will see it?”  THEN, I read several of Goad’s articles on Israel, and that’s when I learned the major difference between group a. and group b.  My god, Taki, the guy who created the website, all but hates Jews.  I mean, he hired David Cole, but I have a feeling it might have to do with his Holocaust revisionist past.  I dunno; I wasn’t there for the meeting, so I could be talking about of my ass.  But it is true that I felt VERY confused; I thought the people on the right, my side, are Israel supporters.

Well, they’re not exactly BDS, but at the same time, their attitude towards Jews and Israel is pretty damn cavalier; and, in some cases, I have to admit that it’s not unwarranted.  After all, wasn’t the Frankfurt School, the group of politically correct mofos who are responsible for the totalitarian PC nightmare under which we currently live, mostly Jewish?  Didn’t Leon Trotsky invent the stupidest word of all time, “racism”?  Wasn’t Israel founded under slightly less than noble conditions?

But, if I’m going to not be a hypocrite like Ben Shapiro, then I have to realize that, if you’re going to be un-PC, then you have to be un-PC all the way.  If you’re going to interview David Duke, then do a motherfuckin’, full-on, uncensored interview.  After all, if you’re confident that his views are tripe, then what harm is it to have him speak them?  And, to be honest, his views are tripe; he tastes Jews in his sandwich.  That of course creates some interesting problems for me; for instance, how do I tell my conservative, Christian and black friend, Dave that Jared Taylor, whose anti-affirmative action works he might actually enjoy, repeatedly says that blacks have lower IQs on average than whites and Asians?

I’ve realized that, aside from being possibly the only person on the Taki’s comment section who doesn’t hide behind an avatar, the Jews who comment on there are often involved in shouting matches with people who don’t see them as completely white, yet nobody has been able to tell me if they consider Armenians, Indians or Greeks to be completely white either.  Jared Taylor and John Derbyshire consider Jews as white as everyone else, while Kevin McDonald sees Jews as an alien race with an anti-European agenda.  I’ve noticed that, when I espouse my views in the comment section, some people say, “it’s cool man, you’re like us” and some tell me to go get fucked.  Ain’t no biggie; I’ve got thick skin.

In fact I enjoy the back and forth that I see in comment sections and articles.  As Gavin McInnes pointed out, the debate within the right IS an actual debate, while the debate between someone on the right and someone on the left is more like a teaching session.  I enjoy reading the different sides of the Iran deal.  Some say the mullahs have too much money to worry about blowing everyone up with bombs; some say that money don’t mean shit when it comes to redeeming their 72 virgins.  Why does Mike Savage support Donald Trump, and Mark Levin does not?

Most people on the right agree on the principle stuff; feminism is stupid. College doesn’t educate; it indoctrinates.  Muslims are the enemies of the west.  Messing with the free market is a bad idea.  Gun control doesn’t solve gun violence.  Traditional values really are the best way to go.  And this whole global warming/climate change nonsense is less about saving the world, and more about lining the pockets of politicians and big business.

But, damn, what a fantastic cast of characters on all sides.  The wit and wisdom of Jim Goad is untouchable, yet, he won’t get the recognition he deserves because his views are outside what’s accepted by the mainstream; and we all know what happened with David Cole.  But one guy who I find really interesting is Gavin McInnes, an obnoxious punk rightist like me.  Has Greg Gutfeld even considered how much of a liability having someone who writes for an AltRight site on his show might be?  Gavin is my “safe space”; no matter how much people attack the Jews, he manages to back us up.  Maybe it’s for PR, maybe it’s so he can remain cool with Ben Shapiro and Ezra Levant, or maybe he actually means it; I don’t freakin’ know.  But he’s one sharp-witted individual, and his videos are a hoot to watch.  Even my liberal friends get a kick out of his Miles McInnes character.

So, as someone who sent me a copy of her latest tome to review told me, “you’re not jaded.”  How could I be jaded?  I’m reading stuff from and talking to people that I find interesting and can learn from, I’ve learned how to become a better debater and, at least I’d like to think, I’ve become a better, more astute writer.  And, above all, it’s whole heckuva lot of fun.

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