Individualism Is Overrated


Sometimes I stumble upon something I think is totally bizarre, but in reality is just really fucking stupid.  Take for example this twitter conversation.  I had zero idea who Rachel Haywire was until I read a piece about her, where she was starting a website called Trigger Warning with Ann Sterzinger, the longtime editor and writer for Takimag, Alternative Right, Counter Currents and Right On.  I went to the Trigger Warning site and, for the most part, the articles were incredibly amateurish and had nothing new to say outside of typical, “stop being a whiny, SJW baby who needs a safe space.”  In spite of this, I submitted a link to this here very site because, eh, ya know, what the hay?

The very next day I read how this Rachel Haywire person had completely screwed over Sterzinger.  From what I gather, Haywire’s entire raison d’etre is to be as provocative as possible, but otherwise have zero substance behind anything she says.  I guess she’s a Trump supporter, but she claims that she’s “beyond left and right.”  Uh, sure.  I do not know this person, nor, from the context clues do I want to.  Not to mention the fact that several people on the AltRight think that SHE is the embodiment of a Jew; a self-serving, narcissistic, put a knife in your back the second you’re not looking, type of person.

Well I ain’t got a knife:

I didn’t write this piece to slam Haywire, nor to say I’m not “like them other Jews” (as an aside, I’m a first generation American with Russian immigrant parents, and NONE of us are liberals); I wrote this piece to make the point that terms like “individualism” and “conformity” are completely abstract to the point of being meaningless, and the fact that anyone at all, who parades around claiming to be an “individual” after the age of, I dunno, 17, is a retard.

I know what you’re thinking; Edwin, you listen to a bunch of bands nobody’s ever heard of, watch all these weird movies, collect old timey comics and paperback books, and your sense of humor is something else, man…

Nah, fuck all that noise.  I’m just a bro.  I like girls with big tits and big butts (more of a butt guy than tit guy tbh), who are fun to be around, like to bang all the time and dress like sluts, but aren’t actually sluts.  I want to start a family, pop out a couple kids and raise them to be good little mensches, and yes, I will teach them about Russian and Jewish ancestry, along with fully assimilating them into American culture.  So, in spite the window dressing, the fact that I have no problem with queers as long as they’re not all trying to fuck me (and I’m good looking, so you know…), I just want the stuff that every normal person wants; a productive and fulfilling life and a family to pass it on to.

On a side note, my MOM actually said, “please marry a white woman; we don’t even care if she’s Jewish, but if you want to make sure the white race won’t go extinct, please marry one.”  On another side note, I was driving with my mom and we were listening to the Cars and she didn’t know  who they were, and I said, “you don’t know the Cars?!  You came here in 1974!  Your citizenship is immediately revoked.”

On the other hand, among all of my left wing, Bernie Sanders supporting friends, I’m most certainly an individual; I get yelled at for being a Trump supporter and lose friends for my “unpopular views.”  People on the left are the biggest conformists; they act as though they’ve obtained some higher level of knowledge, but really all they want to do is live off the government, get fucked up all the time, sit in cafes, drink craft beers (which I drink as well, as someone had to point out) and screw like rabbits, only to abort the kids if they prove to be an inconvenience.  They are the most credulous, least intellectually curious people ever, yet their entire mode of attack is to try to make the other side seem like they’re a bunch of morons.  “Huh, Huh, those dumb Republicans, they don’t believe in evolution.”

Well, I DO believe in evolution, so much so that you might not want to open that door, unless you’re willing to discuss Human Biodiversityatavism and what that means for your egalitarian views on multiculturalism.  Or for that matter, how gender is a social construct.  Isn’t it funny how everything to the leftist is a social construct except for homosexuality.  Everything else, from how men have the testosterone, which is why we do more stuff, to how various races are over and under represented in different aspects of the culture, are all “social constructs.”  But homosexuality is 100% biological. Can’t have it both ways, son!  And, as I said before, I don’t hate gays or any group of people for that matter; I just don’t see what the harm is in observing trends among groups, why Satoshi Kanazawa became the pariah of the science world.

When I go on my OKC dating sprees, I’m surprised by the diversity of the women I meet!  One was a hardcore military history buff, one worked at a corrections house, one was a painter of erotic art, so there you go.  But, what did all of them want in the end?  A man to complete them.  Well, sorta… they DO, but clearly value this so called “independence” they have just a little too much to be able serve up those quickly drying eggs and pop out some kids for just ANYBODY, and since I’m just anybody…

Anyway, the point of this rant is to express that, in the great scheme things, you’re not special.  I mean, you’re special in the way that you might have a specialty or expertise in something, or you may have a charismatic personality that makes a lot of people like you, or you may be the spergy, computer/scientific type, or you may be the funny guy among your group that makes everyone fall down laughing with your near perfect comedic timing (that would be me), or you might be an exceptionally kind soul who stops to help someone change a tire on the side of the road, but, all in all, you’re still just a pile of chemicals and DNA, fighting for survival in an ever changing and (de)evolving world; and the sooner you realize your place and what you were put here for, the happier you will be.

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