Now Playing 5/8/2016: White Zombie – It Came from N.Y.C.




white_zombie_it_came_from_nyc_3Sorry, again, no new, full length blog post today.  However, I got the new White Zombie It Came from N.Y.C. box set from the Numero Group in the mail, and spent the entire evening breaking in this beast.

Some people might know White Zombie for their double platinum selling albums La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 and Astro-Creep 2000 and the gold selling remix disc Supersexy Swingin’ Sounds, along with mega hits such as “Thunderkiss ’65” and “More Human than Human.”  But, a lot of people don’t know that White Zombie started their career as a New York based noise rock band, who shared the CBGB’s stage with such bands as Pussy Galore, Live Skull, Rat At Rat R and the Honeymoon Killers.  I review the entire White Zombie catalog here, if you want thorough, in-depth descriptions of the albums.

But the big news is the fact that they’re finally available as gorgeously reproduced, standalone LPs.  Geffen records had issued a four CD box set called Let Sleeping Corpses Lie in 2008, but Rob Zombie didn’t even consult any of the past members, and the set seemed haphazardly thrown together.  On top of that, it contains both La Sexorcisto and Astro-Creep 2000!  Forcing fans to buy albums that they’ve owned for years in order to hear the rare, early stuff; what a slap in the face.  Also songs such as “Black Friday” and “Dead or Alive”, which are from the Gods on Voodoo Men session and “Follow Wild”, “Red River Flow”, “Paradise Fireball” and “Scarecrow 2” from the “Pig Heaven” session weren’t included, so the set was incomplete to say the least.

The fans have been itching to have full reissues of the early WZ material for as long as they knew that the band had music that came out prior to La Sexorcisto.  As any WZ fan worth his salt knows, the group’s first couple of 7″ records, the Gods on Voodoo Moon EP and the “Pig Heaven”/”Slaughter the Grey” single, were only pressed in limited quantities of 300 and 1000, and when they were gone, they were gone forever!  Sean Yseult was selling original copies of them for the tiny, paltry sum of $200 apiece on her website.

The set includes five records and a coffee table book.  The first LP consists of the Gods on Voodoo Moon EP on side a and the “Pig Heaven” a and b sides on side b, along with “Pig Heaven” session outtakes.  The second record is Psycho-Head Blowout, which was given the highest praise from Kurt Cobain, Thurston Moore, Iggy Pop and Gerard Cosloy.  The third is the amazing, metal/noise/sludge epic Soul-Crusher.  The fourth is the equally awesome Make Them Die Slowly and lastly is the three track God of Thunder EP, which plays at 45 RPM, rather than the standard 33 of the other four records.

The book is fantastic as well; full of photos from back in the seedy N.Y.C. days of WZ, along with a detailed history of the band.  The thing also comes with a free download.  This set won’t leave my turntable for quite a while!

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