Now playing 4/23/2016: Brainbombs – Burning Hell


New column time!  Since this is a living, breathing blog, in the same manner in which I post a daily playlist of every album I listen to on a particular day, I will post an album I’m listening to at the moment because why not?

What you see is Burning Hell, the debut LP from Brainbombs, from way back in 1992.  The sound is just a bunch of dissonant, repetitive white noise that, for some reason, I find listenable and catchy.  This is probably why I own just about every album by these Swedish freaks.  And freaks they are.  Some of the song titles include “Sadist Action”, “Danny Was a Street Whore”, “Wishing a Slow Death” and “Urge to Kill.”

I’m not sure about this album, but a lot of their lyrics are lifted from or inspired by the writings of Peter Sotos, who, if you didn’t know already writes disturbing, “transgressive” literature.

But, if you’re curious about this album, listen for yourself and tell me what you think!


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