The Boobs of a Feminist and the Manginas who Won’t Look at Them

rachel_jesseeHow can you not love Rachel Jessee, the gorgeous, fit and trim redhead, with one of the most terrific pairs of flesh balloons you’ve ever fantasized about putting your head (either one) between.  And it’s perfectly fine to do all of the above because, according to her, those lovely mammary glands are 100% asexual and family friendly!

Steve Crowder got it wrong in his report on Going Topless day, claiming that Rachel J. and her co-conspirators are a bunch of angry, feminist harpies, who don’t want you to stare at their lovely tits.  As indicated by the picture above, nothing could be farther from the truth.  I mean, just look at that guy; she’ll probably register in his spank tank for a year!  Plus, how much of an angry, militant feminist can Rachel Jessee be if she shaves her arm pits?  No, Jessee and her crew aren’t radical, militant feminists; they just want to address the disparity between men and women, which states that, when men go topless, it’s not sexualized, but, when women go topless, it is.

Now, of course, when I think of Rachel Jessee, the performance artist, standing around topless with that beautiful, “come hither and let me stroke your cock” smile, it pretty much reminds me of this old soft core porn film I used to watch called The Bikini Car Wash Company (and of course it’s tit-filled sequel).  I don’t know how many gallons of semen I expelled over the years as I delighted at the sight of the lead brunette bimbo and her co-bimbettes removing their tops to reveal their gorgeous, though most likely fake, double D tits while giving the camera the dirties, hottest, “I know you’re staring at me and I like it” smile.

So, being the obnoxious ass that I am, it naturally occurred to me to tell my coworker with the feminist fiance (isn’t that some sort of contradiction?) that my all-time favorite feminist, who I fully stand behind (or rather in front) is the mighty proud Rachel Jessee.  Her reaction to this was, “of course she is.”  And though it may be for the wrong reason, she is, in fact my favorite feminist.

As much as I love full boobs with big aureola and perky nipples and, as much as I’d go to the march/protest/whatever to stare at Jessee and her posse – provided the rest of them aren’t gross, fat and saggy – in the grand scheme of things, as our society continues its high speed decent into Babylon, I do feel there is a time and a place to show off them lovely titties.  During the day, out in the open, where families congregate is neither the time nor the place.

Of course, in true leftist fashion, my coworker doesn’t see it this way.  Nope, in his mind, if men get to walk around without shirts, then women should be allowed this “right” as well. Furthermore, if the obese, nauseating bodies of men with enormous man boobs are permitted, why shouldn’t those of topless women?  Personally I would love to outlaw overly revealing clothing for both men and women who are just too fat, gross and unpleasant to look at.

All of the above is actually permitted in New York (what isn’t permitted in New York these days?), where the topless march took place, but that’s beside the point.  The point is that, like usual, his brainwashed, perhaps mentally ill, liberal mind couldn’t fathom that men and women have different body types dictated by years of evolutionary biology and that the reason straight men find tits – especially big, full tits – so hot that they want to lay a pearl necklace all over the woman’s chest is because big tits are a sign of health and fertility.  Straight men are hard wired to be attracted to high hip to waist and high chest to waist ratio because it means that the woman is fertile, healthy and ready to have them babies, even if consciously she has made the decision not to do so.

Personally, I’m more of an ass man, but that doesn’t negate that I find big, round, perky tits to be really pleasant to look at.  As mentioned before, there is a weird thing that happens where, if a girl has natural double D tits, she often has no ass.  So if I have to pick one or the other, I’ll go for dat butt.

But, I digress.  My coworker’s RETARDED point was that SOCIETY taught men to view boobs in a sexual way.  This led to a whole plethora of OBVIOUS (that is to people who aren’t fucking retarded) contradictions.

The biggest contradiction I pointed out was that, if boobs aren’t sexual, then it should be okay to reach up and squeeze a woman’s tit in the same way someone would jab his buddy in the chest or pat him on his back.  His brilliant response was that it’s still not okay because, according to him both touching someone on the arm or patting someone on the back can be considered assault.  Rather than admitting that grabbing a woman’s breast is a form of sexual advancement, he uses the bogus claim that ALL touching is assault in order to maintain parity.

Another ridiculous claim he made was that, if people see boobs out in the open enough, it will “normalize” and “de-sexualize” them.  This is a lie.  First of all, just because a person becomes more accustomed to the sight of boobs, such as at a strip club or at the pool party, where my friend Ashley with the double D tits got naked, that doesn’t mean he no longer finds them arousing; men in strip clubs are not constantly popping boners every other second, and neither was I at the pool party (even though I did have to think of other things to avoid popping one whenever Ashley and I would chat). Women at strip clubs can make all kinds of actions and insinuations that can send one’s libido through the roof, such as rubbing breasts in a man’s face, a particularly strong pole dance or a “come hither and let me stroke your cock” smile. Of course, if the women, such as some of the one’s that surround Ms. Jessee, are totally flat chested or have gross, saggy tits, then their boobs will never be arousing and they should be covered up so as to not make people nauseous.

Then, in my sick and twisted mind (I swear I’m using both hands to type!), I pictured what Rachel Jessee would do if, say, the man in the picture would become aroused.  How would she play the “boobs aren’t sexual” angle?  She seems way too friendly to blame him for becoming aroused, so I wonder if she would then give him a hand job or blow job just to prove his erection isn’t sexual, that it too is family friendly.  Hell, what’s to stop her from fucking someone in the street, and then claim that copulation isn’t sexual either?

But, finally, what it came down to is that, according to my coworker, men and women are essentially the same except for their genitalia.  Even the differences between the penis and vagina are negligible according to his argument since the clitoris is like the head of a penis.  Ergo gender is nothing more than a societal construct.  So I asked him if he would be just as happy dating another man, since, after all, gender is just a made up thing and the anatomy and biology of men and women are exactly the same.

Well, like most leftists, he didn’t want to talk about it anymore.  I’m going to wager he’ll stick with his lovely fiance, play with her boobs and continue to tell himself that all of this is a product of society so he can sleep easier at night.


6 thoughts on “The Boobs of a Feminist and the Manginas who Won’t Look at Them

    • Oh I don’t think he really got it wrong; I think he just assumed, like most would, that these rad fems are crazy and therefore would get mad at you for staring at their tits, but, in everything I’ve seen Rachel Jessee is personable as are many of these crazy, topless kooks. Plus, she shaves her armpits, so how radical can she be?

  1. Not even a feminist… and I think this is 100% a troll because no one could be this retarded… but still one of the most vilest retarded disgusting and obviously 100% wrong things I have ever read and sexist to men and women both. .

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