Book Review: Confessions of an Online Hustler


IronCrossIronCrossIronCrosshalf_ironcrossVery good!

Author: Matt Forney

Publisher: self published

Matt Forney claims that he hates blogging and just grinds it out for the next paycheck.  Monster beast God drummer Ginger Baker claims the same thing about playing drums.  Yeah, whatever, if you didn’t like it so much, you wouldn’t have perfected your craft to such an extent.  But, I get his point; you can’t just be a “fun blogger” and expect to get paid.  This is like a second job.  Maybe because I’m a “head in the clouds” kinda guy, the idea of sitting around and writing stuff that could possibly go viral and generate an income seems like lots of FUN, kinda like being in a touring band.

I had never even heard of Matt Forney until a couple of my feminist friends (yes, I still have a couple on my FB friend list even though I’ve hidden their posts from my feed) posted an article he wrote, where he argues against women having self esteem.  On one hand I thought, “what kind of asshole would write an article like that?” and, on the other hand, I giggled that all these feminists were getting so bent out of shape and were providing his site with traffic with all of those clicks.

You see, a younger version of me at least feigned outrage when someone made remarks that I, at the time, at least found kind of offensive, but secretly I giggled at the sheer provocation.

But the bottom line is that, if you had told me I’d be purchasing a book by this guy (or for that matter attempting to go to the Return of Kings meetup), I’d have balked at your claim.  C’mon, I’m anti-feminist, I’m libertarian, but I’m not a supporter of rape and misogyny! Hey, I was a misinformed neophyte!  Even though I claimed I was against thoughtcrime, I too cried “racism!”  Hell, I even called Forney a “twerp” in and old post at my previous blog, The New Paine.  Sorry, Matt.

That’s all in the past.  Since I did the interview with Bernard Chapin merely weeks ago, I felt a new surge of energy to bring the SavageHippie (named after the Melvins song “The Savage Hippy”) out of retirement, a desire to tell it like it is and to forego hiding my views.  This might also have been helped by Christopher Stigliano’s Blog to Comm site, where he has no problem putting his right of center views next to his unending love of old garage and punk records and pop cultural ephemera.

But the real kicker was that, not only could I write about this stuff, but I could make money doing it?!  I felt like some force from beyond was telling me I’d found my calling, or something like that.

Sheesh, if I knew that half the battle was being a good – well, maybe not good, but, at very least, an entertaining, writer  – and the rest was a bunch of technical jargon, making friends with people, constantly posting and re-posting my articles and writing a measly book about my thoughts on the world, maybe I’d have done this YEARS ago.  So, thanks Matt, Confessions of an Online Hustler, along with Gavin McInnes’ How to Piss in Publicmight be two of the most inspiring books I’ve read in a very long time.

So, why did I give it half an iron cross short of a perfect score?

While Forney does a fantastic job of giving the step-by-step, play-by-play of what to do and what not to do, what applications to use and which are completely useless, I think he makes a few too many assumptions of what Luddites such as myself actually know.  A perfect examples of this is when he talks about picking your blog’s “theme.”  I had NO idea what a “theme” was in the way he was using the term.  What’s my blog’s theme?  Underground music, cult-films and right of center politics!

It turns out a “theme” is a just a professional looking site design.  When I figured THAT out, I spent two hours looking for a “theme” where they list the author of the blog.  It turns out my “theme”, which was called “skeptical” (after all, I’m a skeptical dude), both a.) looked like shit and b.) didn’t list my name.  Now my site looks a WHOLE heck of a lot better (well, at least I’d like to think so).

Another example is a “widget.”  What the fuck does a “widget” have to do with website design?  Last time I checked a “widget” is a unit of measure used in economics courses.  It turns out a “widget” is just one of the bells and whistles you add to your site to increase its functionality.  Well, gee, couldn’t they call those “features”?  The same can be said for RSS Feed and SEO; I have no idea what any of that means!  The moment I read about those things, I went onto my wordpress editor and immediately searched through it to add those things.  I STILL don’t know if I did it right!

On the other hand, I very quickly took his advice and added my contact address and an email template.  Sadly, I still haven’t gotten my first death threat.  What is WRONG with people?  I thought I’d have Antifa all OVER my ass for writing this article about Skrewdriver!  On the plus side, I’m pissing people off on twitter for supporting Trump and I think some feminist bitch blocked me, so I’m moving up.

He mentions anonymity and, as far as I gather, I don’t have anything to worry about.  I work a lower level office job, so I doubt any of what I write will get back to my higher ups, or, if it does, I don’t think they’ll give a hoot one way or another.  He also mentions losing friends over your blog and views.  I’m glad he made this point.  Over the last year or so, people have complained that I’ve changed.  I’ve seen friends who I’ve had for years drop off my FB friend list and out of my life.  Some say I’m a real douchebag now.

I can honestly say to a man.  This is BULLSHIT.  The only people who have dropped out of my life are extremely politically correct leftists.  I kid you not.  Former friend Jess, whose fat ass I took to Maryland Deathfest, deleted me out of her life for not being a full fledged Bernie Sanders supporter.  I told her plainly that he doesn’t represent my interests.  She took that as “you’ve become a selfish, capitalistic asshole” and then wrote a lengthy essay on her FB wall about how she had to drop a friend who she knew for years because he isn’t the same person anymore.  I’ve experienced this a number of times, and I think it’s honestly because people on the left, the ones who strongly adhere to those beliefs and refuse to question anything, have a severe mental disorder.  To them, not following the narrative makes you into a narrow minded bigot.  And I’m talking friends who I’ve known for more than a decade, who I’ve had private conversations with merely weeks prior to extricating me from their lives.

I can guarantee that I’m the same loud, lovable, charismatic, punk/metal/noise/freak, buy a drink for the whole group, guy I was years ago.  It’s only the people who judge me by my views who think I’m a bad person now.  So, as Matt Forney wrote, “fuck ’em.”  Actually he said, “if your friends are offended by your writing, they aren’t your real friends.”  It honestly does sting when people literally don’t want to know you because you don’t believe in affirmative action, you think BlackLivesMatters people are nothing but leftist agitators or you plan on voting for Donald Trump.

But, whatever, we’ll see who wants to be THIS guys’ friend when I’m a huge internet superstar!  All joking aside, I LOVE attention, including negative attention, and I would love to become an iconoclast blogger, commentator, pundit or dude who sits on TV surrounded by other people and says witty putdowns of the opposition.

And I think this book will help lead the way.




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