Always Judge a Book by Its Cover


I’m a degenerate who drinks a lot and sleeps with loose – err, I mean empowered – women.  I’m probably not the first person you would expect to be reading books by Mark Levin.  But, there I am, blasting Blue Oyster Cult or the Dictators while reading Mr. Levin’s treatise on how to save the United States for future generations.

On Halloween, I brought back a cute punk rock girl to my place and, the next morning, she was looking through my piles of books, CDs, comics and horror magazines and, under Jim Goad’s The Redneck Manifesto was Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin.  Although she more than likely would not have known what it is, I said, “don’t look at that.  It’s boring political crap” and quickly put it under more books.

Let me start over before I forget what I’m supposed to be writing about.

I’m a fan of Taki’s Magazine, the online conservative blog started by paleoconservative journalist Taki Theodoracopulos and criticized for its completely un-PC, tell it like it is, approach.  The blog has come under fire for articles such as John Derbyshire’s The Talk: Nonblack Version, which led to his dismissal from the writing staff of the National Review, Theodoracopulos’ own support for the Greek far-right Nationalist group Golden Dawn and the magazine’s employment of David Cole, who was kicked out of other conservative circles for being a Holocaust revisionist in spite being both Jewish and an ardent Israel supporter.

Yet to call it racist on that alone is the type of foolishness reserved by the leftist media.

Arrghh, I’m rambling…

Yesterday I was at the West Bloomfield public library and this guy was trying to get me to sign a petition to put on the ballot to vote on raising corporate taxes to pay for roads.  Aside from firing off pro-Sanders propaganda at a furious rate without letting me get a word in edgewise, he said that the reason places like Detroit, Baltimore and the south side of Chicago are such shitholes is because of corporations, and not at all because of the people who live there and how the crime rate and state of disrepair are not going to change by liberal policies which encourage the crime rate and state of disrepair.

A few weeks ago I saw this new space rock/kraut rock band Ruckzuck and, after their set, their adorable singer/keyboardist, who I will refer to as either F Kelly or Faith K, made an anti-Trump joke about his alleged racism, while also remarking that she was initially scared to drive into Detroit.  What exactly was she scared of?  Could it be that she was scared of the Detroit Institute of Science, of Wayne State University or of Detroit Brewing Co.?  Of course not, this allegedly anti-racist, Trump hater was afraid of the crime, or more specifically she was afraid of blacks.

She was afraid of muggings or shootings that are perpetrated by a significant segment of a minority group, who, for some reason, populate the worst parts of cities.  It’s not the blacks she’s afraid of, of course; it’s just the crime.  White people commit crimes too, ya know… and, they TOO are intimidating when walking around in baggy, ghetto attire.  Except that they’re not.

When I was in Baltimore, MD, out to see Maryland Deathfest, I walked three miles from the venue to the dumpy punk house we were staying at.  The majority of the population is black.  One woman asked for a light to which I said I didn’t have one because I don’t smoke.  She said, “that’s okay, sweety.”  Another person asked if I’m “looking for anything.”  My answer was, “no, man, I’m good, thanks.”  Did I cross the street to avoid the locals a couple times?  Yep.

One of my friends recalled a story where an allegedly homeless man asked someone he knew for some change.  The only catch was that he had to do it “around the corner.”  He shot the guy he was asking change from in the kneecaps.  Another friend of mine, a Chaldean named Matt, was robbed at gunpoint at the Metro PCS store he works at and the man fired a shot into a wall, a warning shot.  This same man was also part of a group of people who went on a murder spree in other, nicer parts of the Metro Detroit area.

I live in an upper middle class neighborhood primarily dominated by rich, snobby, stuck up Jews and overly macho, greasy haired middle easterners called Chaldeans, who tailgate you if you’re driving five over the speed limit and turn poker games into bullying contests.  If I see a black person in this area, especially wearing nice, upper middle class, white people clothes, I’m not scared one bit.  Although the move to put section 8 housing in our area might change the dynamic of this 1950s style, Leave It to Beaver neighborhood.  Jury’s out on that one.

People may defy your expectations – after all, I’m the punk rock Mark Levin reader – but typically they do not.  The girl with the dreadlocks and tattoos is going to be a sex-positive feminist who thinks that if you want a relationship and don’t approve of her jumping from cock to cock, you’re supporting the patriarchy.  She probably considers herself polyamorous, bisexual and gender neutral, rather than simply mentally ill.  The Indian customers at your store will want to haggle with you.  The black people you serve at the restaurant won’t tip you well.  The super hot blonde you’re taking out on a date won’t know a single nominee for the Republican party.  The Arab who lives in Dearborn more than likely hates Jews.  And the Asians, aforementioned Indians and Jews have really good careers in technology, law or medical field and many are part of that envied 1%.

Why can’t people say this stuff?  I dunno.  Who cares.  Arm yourself with knowledge (and an automatic) and you’ll be a lot safer when you go out in the world.  Also don’t be a “cool” white person by deliberately living in the shittiest part of town and realize that the reason burbs, such as Detroit-bordering Ferndale with liberal arty hipsters are safe is because cops are profiling people who look “suspicious.”  Also, if a homeless man asks me to get him a 40 at the liquor store, I typically do because I’m a nice guy.

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