Why Waste Your Time Watching Obama Address the Nation, When You Can Read This Instead?

get_smartSex, listening to Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road, reading horror comics and/or Michael Moorcock novels, watching an Italian splatter flick and/or drinking are all activities which will prove a million times more stimulating than watching lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama condescendingly address the nation tonight, trying to convince ignoramuses, who don’t believe him anyway, that the biggest threat to our nation is “climate change”, that Islam is a religion of peace, that Christian “terrorists” are FAR worse than the Muslims who blew up 130 people in France or shot 14 people in San Bernardino and that, in order to stop gun violence we need to take away guns from people in spite the fact that the majority of the people committing gun violence live in inner cities, obtained those guns illegally and have funny French sounding names like Deandre.

So, rather than wasting your time listening to all of Barry’s nonsense, read this rant about stuff that drives me crazy about our backwards, “lunatics running the asylum” culture we live in.

Let’s start with the one that seems to be annoying EVERYONE left, right and center these days: Feminism.  The greatest accomplishments of Feminism are that it made getting laid waaaay easier (so thank you for that one), but at the same time helped increase the profits of psychiatrists, sellers of anti-depressants and pet store owners.  At this point, all modern, 2nd and 3rd wave feminism seems to indicate is that there are no differences between the genders, that women have the wherewithal to carry on as men.  And I’m not talking about getting into professional fields, which they were never once barred or excluded from in the first place.  The irony is that  homebody women of the 1950s were actually smarter in fields of history and literature than the so called “liberated” women of today.

I’m actually talking about sex here.  Somewhere, in our politically correct culture, the word “slut” became a hateful, misogynistic slur rather than a way to describe a woman of loose moral resolve.  The fact that sleeping with loads of men is considered empowering when it’s something that doesn’t take any skill to do, something that women can do AT WILL at any time unless they are so butt ugly that no amount of booze will make it tolerable, sort of negates the whole “empowering” thing.  How is that empowering?  The fact that you can do it already implies that you have power and what does it prove?
It proves that avoiding the biological imperative because you’ve been taught it’s “oppressive” is more important than establishing a healthy, happy relationship with a man who actually cares about you and, WILL inevitably lead to depression, mental breakdown and the need for anti-depressants and copious trips to the psychiatrist’s office.

Now you’re going to look at me and say I’m a hypocrite for carrying on my licentious lifestyle: the last two girls I slept with told me that there are men that they would just sleep with and have no intent on dating, while the men that they plan TO date have to wait before the girl puts out.  How much sense does that make?  The men you PLAN on keeping have to wait an indefinite amount of time and put in the effort for the “privilege” of kissing a mouth and licking a vagina that has taken many (including mine) men’s dicks while a cad like me, who JUST meets you THAT NIGHT, gets all of this wonderful stuff without putting any effort in?  What’s the saying about the milk and the cow?  Best bet is to not call the girl back unless you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY can’t live without her musings on life; if you DO think you want to turn a one night stand into a two year stand, I’d suggest waiting a few days to contact her unless she contacts you first.  Nothing is less sexy to a woman than a needy man.

And if she’s like the couple of bar servers that I “hilariously” asked if they would prefer either Ted Cruz or Ted Kazcynski as the new President and couldn’t tell me who either of those were, then I’d wager to not bother unless the sex was REALLY good.

Also, if you think the “right” to suck a baby out of your belly using a vacuum while stabbing it with other harpoon-like instruments even after it’s developed human body parts is something to celebrate, then you must also be proud of Amy Winehouse and her defiant stance against rehab.

So, what else can I rant about?  Oh yeah, transgenderism.  Did you know that, if you’re not having luck with the ladies and you want to beat some of them up, all you have to do is chop your dick off?  Yep!  The only distinction in the world of mixed martial arts between a man and a woman is the thing hanging between his/her/its legs.  Therefore, if you’re a man and you want to circumvent conventions such as the one where you shouldn’t hit women, just become one.  Forget your immense upper body strength, just pound that bitch until she’s good ‘n’ bloody.

Also, if you’re a horny perv like me and want a peek at the nice, round, lovely, spandex wrapped butts that you just stared at while running six miles on the tread mill, just walk right into the women’s locker room!  If anyone complains just say, “don’t discriminate against me! I’m a woman!  I just happen to also be a lesbian!” and then get the person thrown out of the gym.  Also, if you’re working out at Planet Fitness, don’t actually TRY because they’ll kick you out for that as well.

Let’s talk about the Jews now.  Hey Joooooz, they say a cuckservative is someone who cares more about Israel’s borders than those of the U.S.  Don’t be a cuck.  Support Israel’s right to not live with a bunch of primate Muslims trying to kill them AND support the right of the U.S. to close its borders to Syrian “refugees” of, who we have proved with the San Bernardino shooting are impossible to properly vet, and illegal aliens from Mexico who get paid under the table to do jobs that Americans would gladly do while setting up little all Spanish speaking barrios in little patches all over the country.  If you think that’s racist, you’re dumb.  I would say the same thing if the people spoke Russian, which is the language of the country my parents came from LEGALLY.

On the note of the Jooooz, I was pleasantly surprised at the last local Republican meeting when an Orthodox Jew talked not about Israel, but about the right to obtain guns.  That’s right, more Jews need to be like Harvey Keitel, Roy Scheider, Jerry Orbach, Mickey from Rocky and Bugsy Siegel, not pussy ass New York leftist Jews like Woody Allen.  Neuroses are the stupidest, most annoying, obnoxious things ever, not signs of wittiness, even though I’m a Woody Allen fan.  Neurosis is also an awesome band.

Other things that make my bottom 50 list: Obamacare, raising the minimum wage, not building the keystone pipeline, “progressive taxes”, unions, affirmative action, trigger warnings, gun control and welfare recipients.

Uhhh, so currently on my reading list is Republican Party Animal by David Cole, The Redneck Manifesto by Jim Goad and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, but chances are I’ll probably just read The Bane of the Black Sword and a bunch of old horror comics from Eerie and Yoe publications.

Also Red Dawn is a boring movie even though it’s kind of funny.

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