Stop Bashing Trump, You Cucks


Note: This post was originally published at a different website several months before I published it at SavageHippie, so if you feel the information and opinions are outdated, it’s because they are.  I saved it for posterity and because it’s fun and reflects my early, cuss filled approach to getting people to see my way.

I get it.  He’s not “your guy.”  He doesn’t have the experience of Scott Walker or Ted Cruz.  And thank fucking God he’s not an open borders RINO like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.  And he maybe not be Obi Wan Ben Carson or the probably was cute when she was younger, sassy CEO Carly Fiorina. But, he’s what you got and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

What burns me up about people on the right attacking Donald Trump is how damn cucky it is!  THAT is what the insult “cuckservative” was invented for.  Yeah, crow about how some David Duke worshiping dingus uses that word on a message board, but the more I see the Republicans genuflecting to the left by condemning Donald Trump’s recent comments about not wanting to import Muslims into the U.S., the more I realized how big of pussies the GOP establishment is, balking at the thought that someone is going to call them the R word!

You’re going to get called a racist no matter what you do.  Until you admit that, as a white person, if you defend yourself against some thug in the inner city trying to rob you at gun or knife point, you committed a hate crime, you will be called a racist.  “You have, they want, thus give” is the mantra of the left.  I’ve been called a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, a xenophobe and an Islamophobe (though never a homophobe because I don’t find fags scary) and, you know what happened?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.

If, as an adult, you can’t stand by your principles, then why bother having any in the first place?

The big argument against Donald Trump is that he “has no ideas.”  The hell he hasn’t.  You just haven’t been paying attention.  You know who has though?  The commie-pinkos at Huffington Post.  All of a sudden, when Donald Trump proposes that the tax code should be simplified into four tiers, in which the lowest income earners pay nothing, those that make $30,000 or more pay 10% and taxes increase accordingly, the HuffPo complains that it will lead to an increase in the national deficit.

WHAT THE FUCK does the Huffington Post know or care about deficits?  Did they know or care about deficits when Obama was spending far above and beyond them?  Hell, did they know about these things when Bush was doing it?  Of course not; they knew that Bush was Hitler and Obama is Jesus.  They also forgot to mention that forgotten populist/Socialist hero Ralph Nader at one point proposed that nobody who makes under $200,000 be taxed at all!

But, I digress.

Donald Trump is just saying what everyone else is thinking and the fact that Republicans immediately try to extricate him from the party and condemn him is absolutely sickening.  Trump might actually be a sperg (or aspie depending on how you want to call those on the Autism spectrum).  Rather than being polite and dancing around the elephant, he sees the elephant, pulls out a giant sword and just starts stabbing it over and over again.  Do you honestly think that, if we cut off immigration from Muslim countries, as Donald Trump suggests, people would complain?  “OH NO!!! We have LESS potential for terrorist threats?!  FUCK, I’m going to be able to go to a public place and not worry as much about Farook and his mail order bride opening fire on me?!”

Oh, and if you compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, you’re either disingenuous, painfully stupid or a bigot yourself.

In order to turn this country around and make it good again, all you need to do are these things:

1. Close the border between the U.S. and Mexico by building a wall.  Don’t believe the hype that, if you build a ten foot wall, someone will build an eleven foot ladder.  Israel has a wall and it considerably reduced the amount of undesirables entering their country.

2. End chain immigration so that family members of family members of family members can’t use this loophole to keep importing more people.

3. Make it a crime on a federal level to have sanctuary cities so that killers who come in illegally can’t essentially hide out in the open in these havens of leftism.

4.  Okay, the first three were about immigration and could have been reduced into one bullet point, but the fourth is to cut the corporate tax rate down to 15% so that companies won’t have incentive to ship their manufacturing plants overseas, thus helping to keep jobs within U.S. borders.

5.  Limit welfare for single mothers in inner cities to one child.  Pop out any more?  Have their baby daddies take care of ’em, not the government.

6.  End affirmative action.  Only the best of the best should be at our universities.

7.  Speaking of universities, end public funding for universities that have bogus classes like “gender studies” and whatever “liberal arts” nonsense incubates perpetual activists, rather than future scientists.

8.  Roll back anti-discrimination laws.  It’s gone too far. No, gays, you don’t have a right to sue a bakery because they won’t make your stupid gay cake and make them pay you $150,000 for “damages.”  Christian bakers, on the other hand, if you don’t want to make a cake honoring a gay wedding, don’t make the cake.  Hey, fags, do you really want a cake made haphazardly by people who don’t believe in your cause?  Go somewhere else.

(Note: if you do use anti-discrimination laws to bankrupt a business, can you at least make it a Muslim one?)

9.  Allow for profiling at airports.  In fact, every airport should have a “This is a Sikh/this is a Muslim” poster which instructs that, if you see a Sikh, let him pass unabated, but, if you see a Muslim, give him a little push back.  You will probably save lives.

10.  Cut off immigration from Muslim countries except for the scientists who, in spite spending all of the government resources developing bombs, somehow found a cure for cancer on the side, or just allow in the Christians, Jews and atheists from those countries.  Those really aren’t hard to vet because Muslims hate Christianity so much, they usually won’t pose as Christians.

11.  Stop wasting money looking for “renewable” energy, build the Keystone pipeline, allow for more drilling and tell the EPA to go fuck itself.

12.  Give out free posters of Dana Loesch posing nude atop a pile of AK-47’s.

There ya go.  Problem solved.  And Trump says what’s what, which is refreshing.

In other news, Pat Buchanan wrote this article about how everything and everyone is shifting rightward.  Maybe there is a future after all.

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