Feminists Finally Got Their Rape Culture


I forgot the last time I argued with a feminist online, but chances are it was while I was drunk on cheap wine and hopped up on amphetamines on a Friday night after an OKCupid date pretended to be sick because she wasn’t horny enough to leave her house.  What I do know is that, if you want to send a feminist into a mindless, Tasmanian Devil style tizzy of yelling, name calling and cussing, just ask her, “instead of complaining about non-existent gender based discrimination, trying to ruin the career  of a NASA scientist for wearing a shirt with scantily clad women on it, trying to ruin video games because you’re against fanboys jerking off to Laura Croft or redefining rape as getting a guy in trouble after you regret drunkenly sleeping with him, why don’t you help out your brown skinned sisters and take on the real patriarchal rape culture in a Muslim country?”

I realized, however, how redundant that question is.  For you see, technically, you don’t need to go to a Muslim country anymore to experience Muslim “culture.”  Swedes are currently experiencing it every single day.  In case you didn’t know, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the Western world.

Notice something funny about that BBC article?  Of course you didn’t, because you know that the article isn’t going to actually say WHO is committing those rapes.  Western liberal media cloaks its deception under clever rhetoric such as “Rape is particularly complex, but you’d think it would be straightforward to analyse murder rates across different countries – just count up the dead bodies, and compare and contrast.”

Um, yeah, it is pretty straightforward to analyze and they DID count up the raped bodies.

Since the 1970s Sweden opened its borders to Muslim countries and currently lets in 190,000 Muslims a year.  In a 1996 report from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention noted that Muslims from North African countries are 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men.

Feminists allege we live in a rape culture.  Last time I checked rape is illegal in the U.S. and other Western countries; in fact the crime gets taken so seriously that young men have had their lives ruined by false rape accusations and have almost no legal recourse against it.  On top of that, rape hysteria is so extreme in the eyes of feminists that, in order to uphold their bogus 1 in 4 women (or is it 1 in 5 now?) are victims of sexual assault statistics, they’ve had to redefine rape, lead people in extremely biased “are you SURE you haven’t been raped even though you consented to sex” surveys and, in the case of both Mattress Girl and that Rolling Stone article for which nobody was held accountable, flat out LIE about it.

I also don’t have to reiterate that Islam is a VERY patriarchal death cult religion and even so called moderate Muslims aren’t particularly moderate.  Women are viewed as second class citizens, mere things to be used at men’s disposal, stoned to death if accused of adultery, forced to have depraved clitoral removal surgeries and made to dress in ninja attire at all times.  Western women are regarded even lower than that.  And don’t even start about what they think of gay people.

Here’s a video of two topless feminists getting the shit kicked out of them for disrupting a Muslim conference about how you should beat your wife up for getting out of line.  Warning: there’s boobs and two women getting the shit kicked out of them for getting out line.

Muslim apologists always site the misleading statistic that only 1% of Muslims commit acts of terrorism.  While technically this is true, it completely ignores the Muslims who, aside from funding or tacitly supporting terrorist groups, completely support every other retrograde view that the “religion of peace” has to offer.  Bottom line is dissent within the Muslim community is so little that it’s negligible and is often met with death.  As many a Muslim would say, “while we don’t necessarily condone people being killed for blaspheming Muhammad the pedophile prophet, we don’t feel bad for them if they are.”  Above all Sharia law supersedes everything.

Now then, if rape culture really is defined as a culture that accepts, condones and normalizes rape, then, it’s safe to say Islamic cultures are rape cultures.  Furthermore, if Sweden and other Western countries continue this wave of immigration from Muslim countries, then I guess, the feminists are right.  With the exception of brave people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Pamela Geller and activist groups such as the Ban the Burqa, Cultural Marxists and advocates of completely unchecked multiculturalism have created a rape culture.

But, who knows, maybe sex-negative feminists like the hot Armenian Anita Sarkeesian secretly love Islam because, if she’s forced to be covered up all the time, she won’t have to worry about being objectified.

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