Does the West Have Battered Wives Syndrome When It Comes to Islam?

Cartoon for 3/23/06

I’m not going to be nice this time; not that I was ever nice about it or ever hid my antipathy for Islam.  This isn’t a new argument, but it’s one that gets ignored by the majority of liberals, leftists and multiculturalists: WHY THE FUCK are you so supportive of a group of people that so vehemently HATES you and wants to see you dead?

The statistics of last night’s attack on Paris are pointless to recall; how many were killed, how many were kidnapped… who cares?  The answer is a lot and it keeps happening over and over and over again.

Yet, I didn’t time it but, the lefties on my Facebook friend list – the count keeps dropping – IMMEDIATELY went to the defense of all Muslims and, rather than attacking the attackers and doing what NORMAL people do when they’ve been hit – that is, cuss a lot and call the person that hit them every dirty word in the book, they go and start making excuses, apologizing on the behalf of the entire culture and telling people to keep their cool heads because, ya know, Khalif who you work with didn’t do it.  Oh, and Khalif isn’t a Muslim, he’s a Syrian Catholic…

No, but seriously, CLEARLY we have a problem.

For some unfathomable reason, the West is a culture which is quick to throw some dumb hillbilly under the bus for refusing to dole out marriage licenes or is quick to support the bankrupting and shutting down of a cake business for not making a gay wedding cake, but REFUSES to put the screws to the the most intolerant, retrograde death cult religion.  One question that never comes up is, how come nobody’s ever been labeled a Sikhophobe or a Hinduophobe?  BECAUSE THOSE FUCKING RELIGIONS AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR 99.999999% OF THE TERRORIST ACTS!!!
And my theory is not that people are afraid of getting blown up, stabbed to death or shot by Muslims, although that certainly IS a possibility since you never know when one of those psychos will strike, but that people are afraid of being called racists or Islamophobes.  They literally have Islamophobiaphobia!  They’re afraid their reputations will be ruined and they won’t be able to get a job.  That’s it.  Death is not a real threat until you see it up close.  Anything up to that point is just people trying to ruin your livelihood.  And for what?

For the results of last night’s attack in Paris?

For a culture that keeps moving into the west and than spitting on it?

To have more western women be kidnapped, tortured and raped for not being Muslims?

To have gay people strung up on ropes and thrown off of roofs?

To have more cartoonists stabbed and shot for drawing the image of a 1400 year old Saudi Arabian pedophile?

The common excuse given is that there are good Muslims and only 1% commit acts of terror.  That “1%” didn’t fall from the sky; they live among and go to the same mosques as other Muslims and they kill in the name of Islam!  How do people not see the problem with that? Whenever someone like Dylann Roof kills a bunch of black people, leftists are quick to yell at the “oppressive”, “racist”, “white culture”, but when Muslims, who aren’t even a race, but a religion, kill a bunch of people, leftists push for cultural sensitivity.  It makes no sense.

Aside from a handful of mildly apologetic reporters and a handful of not Muslim enough Muslims who are most likely derided by their families, there is no majority voice of dissent against these attacks.  If you are a Muslim, you are wearing the same clothing and following the same customs as the attackers and you say nothing.  You watch as a city gets blown up and say, “it’s not all of us”, yet get vehemently PISSED OFF the second anybody draws your stupid pedophile prophet and rationalize why it’s okay to kill someone for drawing him.

Muslims aren’t trying to integrate; they are trying to invade and take over.  We’ve seen evidence of this from the girl who sued Abercrombie & Fitch for not letting her wear or hijab and won when she could have easily gone to a different job.  We’ve seen this when a group of Muslims tried to impose their own courts in Irving, TX and were rightfully shut down.  We’ve seen this when an airline attendant claimed discrimination when she was suspended for not doing her job.  We’ve seen this when a group of Muslims shut down a whole street in downtown Los Angeles to pray with zero consideration that, ya know, people drive on those streets.

Immigration without integration is an invasion.  That is what is happening.

There are a few heroes of this narrative; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller, Bill Maher, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and even the anarchist hardcore punk band Conflict who wrote the surprisingly anti-immigrant song “An Option” at the risk of alienating their core liberal/leftist/anarchist audience by saying that, if you close the borders to Muslims, then you will stop the terrorism and other pernicious things that Muslims do and believe.  They are the brave ones in the media, not the pussy New York Times who won’t display Muhammad, but have no problem exhibiting an art piece of the Pope made out of condoms or the godawful Pisschrist piece of shit art.

One of my Facebook friends said, “All fascists are our enemies and these guys need their asses handed to ’em.”  I agree that every group of fascists needs to have their asses handed to ’em, but in 2015, the enemies aren’t speaking German or Russian, they’re speaking various Arabic languages and the second we get over the fear of saying that, maybe we’ll see a drop in these attacks.

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