Why Waste Your Time Watching Obama Address the Nation, When You Can Read This Instead?

get_smartSex, listening to Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road, reading horror comics and/or Michael Moorcock novels, watching an Italian splatter flick and/or drinking are all activities which will prove a million times more stimulating than watching lame duck President Barack Hussein Obama condescendingly address the nation tonight, trying to convince ignoramuses, who don’t believe him anyway, that the biggest threat to our nation is “climate change”, that Islam is a religion of peace, that Christian “terrorists” are FAR worse than the Muslims who blew up 130 people in France or shot 14 people in San Bernardino and that, in order to stop gun violence we need to take away guns from people in spite the fact that the majority of the people committing gun violence live in inner cities, obtained those guns illegally and have funny French sounding names like Deandre.

So, rather than wasting your time listening to all of Barry’s nonsense, read this rant about stuff that drives me crazy about our backwards, “lunatics running the asylum” culture we live in.

Let’s start with the one that seems to be annoying EVERYONE left, right and center these days: Feminism.  The greatest accomplishments of Feminism are that it made getting laid waaaay easier (so thank you for that one), but at the same time helped increase the profits of psychiatrists, sellers of anti-depressants and pet store owners.  At this point, all modern, 2nd and 3rd wave feminism seems to indicate is that there are no differences between the genders, that women have the wherewithal to carry on as men.  And I’m not talking about getting into professional fields, which they were never once barred or excluded from in the first place.  The irony is that  homebody women of the 1950s were actually smarter in fields of history and literature than the so called “liberated” women of today.

I’m actually talking about sex here.  Somewhere, in our politically correct culture, the word “slut” became a hateful, misogynistic slur rather than a way to describe a woman of loose moral resolve.  The fact that sleeping with loads of men is considered empowering when it’s something that doesn’t take any skill to do, something that women can do AT WILL at any time unless they are so butt ugly that no amount of booze will make it tolerable, sort of negates the whole “empowering” thing.  How is that empowering?  The fact that you can do it already implies that you have power and what does it prove?
It proves that avoiding the biological imperative because you’ve been taught it’s “oppressive” is more important than establishing a healthy, happy relationship with a man who actually cares about you and, WILL inevitably lead to depression, mental breakdown and the need for anti-depressants and copious trips to the psychiatrist’s office.

Now you’re going to look at me and say I’m a hypocrite for carrying on my licentious lifestyle: the last two girls I slept with told me that there are men that they would just sleep with and have no intent on dating, while the men that they plan TO date have to wait before the girl puts out.  How much sense does that make?  The men you PLAN on keeping have to wait an indefinite amount of time and put in the effort for the “privilege” of kissing a mouth and licking a vagina that has taken many (including mine) men’s dicks while a cad like me, who JUST meets you THAT NIGHT, gets all of this wonderful stuff without putting any effort in?  What’s the saying about the milk and the cow?  Best bet is to not call the girl back unless you ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY can’t live without her musings on life; if you DO think you want to turn a one night stand into a two year stand, I’d suggest waiting a few days to contact her unless she contacts you first.  Nothing is less sexy to a woman than a needy man.

And if she’s like the couple of bar servers that I “hilariously” asked if they would prefer either Ted Cruz or Ted Kazcynski as the new President and couldn’t tell me who either of those were, then I’d wager to not bother unless the sex was REALLY good.

Also, if you think the “right” to suck a baby out of your belly using a vacuum while stabbing it with other harpoon-like instruments even after it’s developed human body parts is something to celebrate, then you must also be proud of Amy Winehouse and her defiant stance against rehab.

So, what else can I rant about?  Oh yeah, transgenderism.  Did you know that, if you’re not having luck with the ladies and you want to beat some of them up, all you have to do is chop your dick off?  Yep!  The only distinction in the world of mixed martial arts between a man and a woman is the thing hanging between his/her/its legs.  Therefore, if you’re a man and you want to circumvent conventions such as the one where you shouldn’t hit women, just become one.  Forget your immense upper body strength, just pound that bitch until she’s good ‘n’ bloody.

Also, if you’re a horny perv like me and want a peek at the nice, round, lovely, spandex wrapped butts that you just stared at while running six miles on the tread mill, just walk right into the women’s locker room!  If anyone complains just say, “don’t discriminate against me! I’m a woman!  I just happen to also be a lesbian!” and then get the person thrown out of the gym.  Also, if you’re working out at Planet Fitness, don’t actually TRY because they’ll kick you out for that as well.

Let’s talk about the Jews now.  Hey Joooooz, they say a cuckservative is someone who cares more about Israel’s borders than those of the U.S.  Don’t be a cuck.  Support Israel’s right to not live with a bunch of primate Muslims trying to kill them AND support the right of the U.S. to close its borders to Syrian “refugees” of, who we have proved with the San Bernardino shooting are impossible to properly vet, and illegal aliens from Mexico who get paid under the table to do jobs that Americans would gladly do while setting up little all Spanish speaking barrios in little patches all over the country.  If you think that’s racist, you’re dumb.  I would say the same thing if the people spoke Russian, which is the language of the country my parents came from LEGALLY.

On the note of the Jooooz, I was pleasantly surprised at the last local Republican meeting when an Orthodox Jew talked not about Israel, but about the right to obtain guns.  That’s right, more Jews need to be like Harvey Keitel, Roy Scheider, Jerry Orbach, Mickey from Rocky and Bugsy Siegel, not pussy ass New York leftist Jews like Woody Allen.  Neuroses are the stupidest, most annoying, obnoxious things ever, not signs of wittiness, even though I’m a Woody Allen fan.  Neurosis is also an awesome band.

Other things that make my bottom 50 list: Obamacare, raising the minimum wage, not building the keystone pipeline, “progressive taxes”, unions, affirmative action, trigger warnings, gun control and welfare recipients.

Uhhh, so currently on my reading list is Republican Party Animal by David Cole, The Redneck Manifesto by Jim Goad and The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene, but chances are I’ll probably just read The Bane of the Black Sword and a bunch of old horror comics from Eerie and Yoe publications.

Also Red Dawn is a boring movie even though it’s kind of funny.

You’re Not a Special Little Snow Flake and Your Self Esteem Is too High


I’m fully convinced that the entire business of psychoanalysis and psychology is nothing more than a scam to keep people reliant on so called experts to continually reassure them that they aren’t losers in spite making decisions that would indicate everything to the contrary.  Most people eventually realize that they aren’t anything special in the grand scheme of things, find a mate, have some kids, tend to some hobbies and call it a life.

At least that’s how it used to be.

But now, thanks to a mix of factors that include but are not limited to technology’s democratization of the ability to make one’s voice heard, the school system’s treatment of mediocre achievements as if they are Pulitzer Prize winning works, the equal acceptance of any and all lifestyles and cultures and the inability to tell people when they just plain suck, we have created a culture of smug narcissists who are incapable of looking at the big picture and see the world for what it is.

Case in point: the girl I went on a date with this past Friday.

I know what you’re thinking.  Edwin’s bitter that she didn’t put out and this is just a revenge piece.  But this tale isn’t told out of bitterness for, I felt, that, in spite not getting very far with this lady, I was still the big victor of the evening in the battle of the sexes for dropping a truth bomb that her therapist never would dare.  I didn’t even know she had a therapist until she admitted this to me after I made fun of people who see therapists.  Note: the disdain does not apply to psychiatrists since mental illness is a real thing.

Dates for me usually go like this:

I take a girl out, we get a couple drinks at first bar of choice, go to a different place, walk around the downtown area, I make some moves, we start kissing and then she either invites me back or says good night and we meet again or don’t.  This time, while she invited me back to her place to smoke some bud, she said she’s isn’t putting out.  Fair enough.  What was surprising was her definition of “putting out” meant “me touching her at all.”  In her words it was “too much, too soon.”  I was taken aback.  What kind of fool’s game was I in for?

The questions started to fly: “do you always do this?”, “do you always expect a girl to put out on the first date?” “When is the last time…” and on and on and on.  With a smack to the forehead and a slight bit of frustration at how this date turned into an interview, I sat down and said, “what do you want?”  She said, “I don’t want to settle. I want to see what’s out there and be able to date other guys.”  I don’t know what level of social retardation it takes to tell someone who you’re on a date with that you’re also going to see other people.  The correct response to any man you’re interested in is, “if you want more to happen, you’re going to have to call me again” or something to that affect, not, “I’m going to date around and see what other people I might make a connection with.”  On top of that, she added some psycho babble probably taught to her by her therapist:  “I don’t want to NEED to date somebody, so I know that I WANT to date somebody.”

This one wasn’t a head scratcher, but it was annoying; rewarded by men and an overly forgiving society for doing nothing more than being a woman whose one hobby is posing in fetish magazines for PLUS SIZED women, she “complained” that, when she went onto the OKCupid dating site, her inbox filled up with 200+ messages in the first couple of weeks and she just doesn’t have time address them all.  I jokingly remarked “I know some people who would love to have that problem, but I’m flattered you picked mine above the rest.”

So, rather than try to make it a romantic evening of smooching sans the sex, she asked me to tell it “like it is” from a guy’s perspective.  She picked the wrong guy.

I told her that, as a man, especially one of average to slightly above average looks, we don’t have it so easy in the dating world.  We don’t have the luxury of GETTING 200+ messages in our OKC inboxes, that is being HANDED 200+ OPTIONS.  That, when we’re young, the instruction manual to the opposite sex is fraught with politically correct nonsense that rarely actually plays out in real life.  Boys aren’t taught that the more attractive a girl is, even at a young age, she is given carte blanche to act as antisocial as she wants and have zero accountability for her actions.  Or that, if you pursue her, you WILL most likely get shut down.  That is, unless, you’re a wickedly good looking type or you’re the black kid in a mostly white school.

But this isn’t all about looks, is it?  She said, “I thought guys are attracted to a woman with confidence.”  Yeah, “confidence.”  THAT is what all of the overweight women in the world lack.  I remember reading in a Mad Magazine, I think it was, “the first thing a man notices about a woman depends on which direction she’s going.”  Society DOES NOT determine beauty standards; your penis does and is directly attracted to high chest to hip and waste to hip ratio.  Don’t get me wrong, I value intelligence just because I don’t want the post coital conversation to be full of “yeahs”, “ums” and “likes” and, on top of that, when attractive women get into male dominated hobbies such as comic books, video games or listening to heavy metal, their value shoots through the roof.

So men, through a potentially embarrassing process of trial and error or, if we’re lucky to have stumbled upon dating/pickup/seduction guide books, learn the rules of the game.  We realize that we should NEVER take what a woman says at face value; that “no” doesn’t mean no, it means try a couple more times before it really means no; that we never ask “can I kiss you” but we just go for it; that we don’t call back for a couple days even after coitus has occurred unless she calls or texts us first; and we keep our options open, and our standards at an acceptable level for how much bullshit we’re willing to put up with.  Higher the standards, higher the level of bullshit.  Ugly truths they are.
In response, she said, “I’d hate to think a guy is only into me for my looks.  How can a guy like a girl ONLY for looks?”  I told her that, if an average chump lucks upon a blonde, 19 year old bimbo with a great boob job and a killer body, he’ll MAKE himself like her.  He’ll turn that one night stand into a two year stand and put up with missing out on games, concerts and other fun events because what is his other option?  A man is most content after coitus, especially if he doesn’t get it that often and, the more attractive the woman is, the higher the contentment.  This is why men marry women who they have nothing in common with; fear that they’ll never get it again or from someone as attractive.

This is also why 36 year old women now are consigned to their therapists on a weekly basis; because the influence of feminism has taught them that they are “empowered” if they play the game like a man, that is go from one dick to the next, in spite the fact that they’re not playing any game.  For a woman to be slutty and call it being “empowered” is no different from kicking down a bunch of bowling pins and claiming that you’re a professional bowler.  Then, at nearly middle age, when all of her friends are getting married and she’s getting dumped AGAIN by another field playing 30 year old with a tan, a washboard stomach and a full head of hair, she will go to the therapist and he will tell her what a special little snow flake she is and to never settle for second best.

Well, that got me thrown out of her trailer, but at least she’s only 25, so there’s still time for her to figure all of this out, I’d hope.

Oh, and if you think I’m a misogynist pig for writing the above, then I’d highly suggest you consult this article from Huffington Post, which says pretty much the same thing.

Stop Bashing Trump, You Cucks


Note: This post was originally published at a different website several months before I published it at SavageHippie, so if you feel the information and opinions are outdated, it’s because they are.  I saved it for posterity and because it’s fun and reflects my early, cuss filled approach to getting people to see my way.

I get it.  He’s not “your guy.”  He doesn’t have the experience of Scott Walker or Ted Cruz.  And thank fucking God he’s not an open borders RINO like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio.  And he maybe not be Obi Wan Ben Carson or the probably was cute when she was younger, sassy CEO Carly Fiorina. But, he’s what you got and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

What burns me up about people on the right attacking Donald Trump is how damn cucky it is!  THAT is what the insult “cuckservative” was invented for.  Yeah, crow about how some David Duke worshiping dingus uses that word on a message board, but the more I see the Republicans genuflecting to the left by condemning Donald Trump’s recent comments about not wanting to import Muslims into the U.S., the more I realized how big of pussies the GOP establishment is, balking at the thought that someone is going to call them the R word!

You’re going to get called a racist no matter what you do.  Until you admit that, as a white person, if you defend yourself against some thug in the inner city trying to rob you at gun or knife point, you committed a hate crime, you will be called a racist.  “You have, they want, thus give” is the mantra of the left.  I’ve been called a bigot, a racist, a sexist, a misogynist, a xenophobe and an Islamophobe (though never a homophobe because I don’t find fags scary) and, you know what happened?  Nothing, absolutely nothing.

If, as an adult, you can’t stand by your principles, then why bother having any in the first place?

The big argument against Donald Trump is that he “has no ideas.”  The hell he hasn’t.  You just haven’t been paying attention.  You know who has though?  The commie-pinkos at Huffington Post.  All of a sudden, when Donald Trump proposes that the tax code should be simplified into four tiers, in which the lowest income earners pay nothing, those that make $30,000 or more pay 10% and taxes increase accordingly, the HuffPo complains that it will lead to an increase in the national deficit.

WHAT THE FUCK does the Huffington Post know or care about deficits?  Did they know or care about deficits when Obama was spending far above and beyond them?  Hell, did they know about these things when Bush was doing it?  Of course not; they knew that Bush was Hitler and Obama is Jesus.  They also forgot to mention that forgotten populist/Socialist hero Ralph Nader at one point proposed that nobody who makes under $200,000 be taxed at all!

But, I digress.

Donald Trump is just saying what everyone else is thinking and the fact that Republicans immediately try to extricate him from the party and condemn him is absolutely sickening.  Trump might actually be a sperg (or aspie depending on how you want to call those on the Autism spectrum).  Rather than being polite and dancing around the elephant, he sees the elephant, pulls out a giant sword and just starts stabbing it over and over again.  Do you honestly think that, if we cut off immigration from Muslim countries, as Donald Trump suggests, people would complain?  “OH NO!!! We have LESS potential for terrorist threats?!  FUCK, I’m going to be able to go to a public place and not worry as much about Farook and his mail order bride opening fire on me?!”

Oh, and if you compare Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler, you’re either disingenuous, painfully stupid or a bigot yourself.

In order to turn this country around and make it good again, all you need to do are these things:

1. Close the border between the U.S. and Mexico by building a wall.  Don’t believe the hype that, if you build a ten foot wall, someone will build an eleven foot ladder.  Israel has a wall and it considerably reduced the amount of undesirables entering their country.

2. End chain immigration so that family members of family members of family members can’t use this loophole to keep importing more people.

3. Make it a crime on a federal level to have sanctuary cities so that killers who come in illegally can’t essentially hide out in the open in these havens of leftism.

4.  Okay, the first three were about immigration and could have been reduced into one bullet point, but the fourth is to cut the corporate tax rate down to 15% so that companies won’t have incentive to ship their manufacturing plants overseas, thus helping to keep jobs within U.S. borders.

5.  Limit welfare for single mothers in inner cities to one child.  Pop out any more?  Have their baby daddies take care of ’em, not the government.

6.  End affirmative action.  Only the best of the best should be at our universities.

7.  Speaking of universities, end public funding for universities that have bogus classes like “gender studies” and whatever “liberal arts” nonsense incubates perpetual activists, rather than future scientists.

8.  Roll back anti-discrimination laws.  It’s gone too far. No, gays, you don’t have a right to sue a bakery because they won’t make your stupid gay cake and make them pay you $150,000 for “damages.”  Christian bakers, on the other hand, if you don’t want to make a cake honoring a gay wedding, don’t make the cake.  Hey, fags, do you really want a cake made haphazardly by people who don’t believe in your cause?  Go somewhere else.

(Note: if you do use anti-discrimination laws to bankrupt a business, can you at least make it a Muslim one?)

9.  Allow for profiling at airports.  In fact, every airport should have a “This is a Sikh/this is a Muslim” poster which instructs that, if you see a Sikh, let him pass unabated, but, if you see a Muslim, give him a little push back.  You will probably save lives.

10.  Cut off immigration from Muslim countries except for the scientists who, in spite spending all of the government resources developing bombs, somehow found a cure for cancer on the side, or just allow in the Christians, Jews and atheists from those countries.  Those really aren’t hard to vet because Muslims hate Christianity so much, they usually won’t pose as Christians.

11.  Stop wasting money looking for “renewable” energy, build the Keystone pipeline, allow for more drilling and tell the EPA to go fuck itself.

12.  Give out free posters of Dana Loesch posing nude atop a pile of AK-47’s.

There ya go.  Problem solved.  And Trump says what’s what, which is refreshing.

In other news, Pat Buchanan wrote this article about how everything and everyone is shifting rightward.  Maybe there is a future after all.

Why the Syrian Immigrants? Because the Pilgrims, Duh!


When I was younger, I used to think that smart asses were in fact actually SMART!  But, the more I live my godforsaken existence as a privileged white male Jew who is painfully undersexed and drinks too much, the more I realize that being a “smart ass” is actually a substitute for being smart.  Case in point: in an attempt to both assuage our fears and concerns about letting in 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into the United States and to shame the people who don’t want to let 10,000 Syrian “refugees” in the country, John Oliver “pointed out” that “there was once a time when a group of people let immigrants into their country and were wiped out, and we’re celebrating it this Thursday.”

Naturally the smart asses on my Facebook friends’ list and many others thought this was so clever and astute that they posted it on their newsfeeds, patted themselves on their collective backs, rejoiced  at the double digit “likes” they received (as if what they posted was an original thought and not pulled from a meme) and went about their days in a collective self-righteous haze.

Aside from disguising their self loathing under a veil of “human rights interests”, their whole premise is both completely a.)untrue and b.) ironic.

Let’s address point a.  The commonly held belief among Social Justice Warriors, ignoramouses and self-loathing leftists is that, on November 26th, 2015, Americans are once again celebrating a holiday built on a lie, one that makes a light hearted celebration on backs of a bunch of peaceful, dead Indians that the white man slaughtered for his personal and financial gain.  It’s obvious; they gave them a bunch of small pox covered blankets to kill them off and take their land.  On top of that, whoever wasn’t killed by small pox was simply shot dead.

As Steve Crowder’s amusing video points out, Native Americans were not a peaceful people going about their lives before the white man invaded and gave them war.  I mean, it would make sense since, I assume tomahawks are used for something OTHER than chopping trees and the practice of scalping wasn’t invented in the west.  But, even if they just warred among each other, does that give the white man rights to usurp their land?  No, of course not.  Pilgrims made deals with different groups of tribes who were fighting with other groups of tribes for mutual benefit.  And besides, all world history is shrouded in bloodshed on all sides.  What makes this different?

But what about those pesky small pox?  Unless microbiology labs existed where groups of white men created deadly microbes deliberately designed to kill people in the 1700s, I think of this as an exaggerated myth, one with maybe 10% truth.  White men probably brought diseases that did kill a bunch of Native Americans unintentionally.  That fucking sucks.

Are American Indians an oppressed group?  You tell me; if you can prove your Cherokee heritage and someone gives you a free college tuition or you are killing it in the casino business, are you going to complain?  Also, no Indians care about a football team called the Redskins just as much as I wouldn’t care if there was a football team called the New Jersey Hook Noses.

But let’s address point b.

Assuming everything I said about how the white man really wasn’t on a genocidal rampage against the Indians isn’t true and the white man came to the new world, saw a bunch of savages and slaughtered them willy nilly to get the gold, don’t you find it ironic that they’re using THAT as the example of why we SHOULD bring Syrian refugees into the country?

The gap of logic is insane here!  The Indians were wiped out, so as a result, we, the American people deserve a little bit of the wiping as well.  I’ve said it before; the influx of Muslim immigrants into European countries is not a good thing!  Sweden is officially the rape capital of the world and the people raping those fine, buxom broads are not vikings!  Similarly, one only has to look at the no-go zones in France to see that this whole multiculturalism thing doesn’t work.

I honestly think leftists hate themselves so much that they’re willing to cut off their noses to spite their faces.  Sorry, but, I like my big, Jewish nose, so NO THANK YOU!  I’m going to enjoy my post-Thanksgiving hangover in the hopes that I will continue to do so for many years in a country that I still recognize as the United States of America.

White Supremacist Thugs Are Not the Same as Radical Muslims


I’m just shocked by how what appear to be intelligent people have the capability to oversimplify situations and draw a direct parallel between white supremacist groups like the Ku Klux Klan or loan wolf murderer Dylann Roof and Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS or Al-Qaida.  No, I wish I COULD make such basic comparisons, because it means that I’m able to completely shut my brain off, stop thinking critically for a couple seconds, post a stupid meme and feel satisfied with myself.

But, whenever I see people post this kind of stuff on Facebook and feel as if they’ve made some grand observation, the part of me that itches for a fight (of words of course) prompts me to explain to people how fucking dumb that is.

Have you seen those memes?  The ones that say, “more terrorism has been committed by white Christian groups than by Muslims” under pictures of the KKK, Dylann Roof or Timothy McVeigh?  Or the one where it shows a picture of the Klan and says, “okay, Christians, what have you done about the Klan?”  How do people have that uncanny ability to over simplify like that?

Let’s break down this phenomenon of social media’s incredible way of reaffirming some of the stupidest views by people who are too lazy to read full length books.

The Ku Klux Klan is NOT a Christian group.  Just because they claim to be Christians doesn’t mean that they’re purpose is to spread Christianity.  That makes about as much sense as saying that Bosheviks and Communists are Jewish organizations.  They happen to be led by Jews and consist of a lot of Jews, but they’re definitely not spreading Judaism or Jewish culture.  Similarly, that makes about as much sense as saying the Mafia is trying to spread Sicilian culture.

Now then, what is the goal of ISIS or Al-Qaida?  Like Islam itself, the purpose is to have a caliphate everywhere.  These groups aren’t committing acts of terror IN SPITE of the members of their group, but because of them and what they believe.  People have to ask themselves, were members of the KKK radicalized in a church, reading Christian doctrine and decided that Christian doctrine was their impetus to then go and commit crimes against people of a different skin color or ethnicity?  Does this make any sense?  Was Dylann Roof inspired to spread Christianity when he shot up those people in the church?  No, of course not.  He was a racist psychopath.

So, what is the bottom line?  The bottom line is that Muslim apologists are trying to figure out another angle to prove why the United States should let 10,000 Syrian “refugees” into the country, in spite the fact that many members of ISIS have said blatantly that they will hide among the “refugees”, in spite the fact that many WILL get radicalized in American mosques and in spite the fact that the vetting process “vets” nothing – what exactly is a background check and who exactly are they doing these checks with?  And assuming only 1% will get radicalized, which is a fallacious claim at best, that’s still 100 fresh, radical Muslims running around trying to use bombs, guns and knives to establish a caliphate in West, which, as far as I’m concerned is 100 too many.

A week hadn’t gone by before another act of terror was committed after the attack in Paris, this time at a hotel in Mali.  Islam isn’t a race; it’s a religion, a culture and essentially a twisted political view.  There is no such thing as “Islamophobia.”  It’s just another buzzword used by apologists, multiculturalists and leftists to squash any criticism of Islam.  We are allowed to be cultural chauvinists and say, if you can’t live by our rules and our way of life, then you can’t live here.

As Ben Shapiro said, “there’s a point where ignorance becomes sin.”  It’s attitudes of the people who draw false equivalencies that will inevitably lead to a lot more innocent people being killed.

Does the West Have Battered Wives Syndrome When It Comes to Islam?

Cartoon for 3/23/06

I’m not going to be nice this time; not that I was ever nice about it or ever hid my antipathy for Islam.  This isn’t a new argument, but it’s one that gets ignored by the majority of liberals, leftists and multiculturalists: WHY THE FUCK are you so supportive of a group of people that so vehemently HATES you and wants to see you dead?

The statistics of last night’s attack on Paris are pointless to recall; how many were killed, how many were kidnapped… who cares?  The answer is a lot and it keeps happening over and over and over again.

Yet, I didn’t time it but, the lefties on my Facebook friend list – the count keeps dropping – IMMEDIATELY went to the defense of all Muslims and, rather than attacking the attackers and doing what NORMAL people do when they’ve been hit – that is, cuss a lot and call the person that hit them every dirty word in the book, they go and start making excuses, apologizing on the behalf of the entire culture and telling people to keep their cool heads because, ya know, Khalif who you work with didn’t do it.  Oh, and Khalif isn’t a Muslim, he’s a Syrian Catholic…

No, but seriously, CLEARLY we have a problem.

For some unfathomable reason, the West is a culture which is quick to throw some dumb hillbilly under the bus for refusing to dole out marriage licenes or is quick to support the bankrupting and shutting down of a cake business for not making a gay wedding cake, but REFUSES to put the screws to the the most intolerant, retrograde death cult religion.  One question that never comes up is, how come nobody’s ever been labeled a Sikhophobe or a Hinduophobe?  BECAUSE THOSE FUCKING RELIGIONS AREN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR 99.999999% OF THE TERRORIST ACTS!!!
And my theory is not that people are afraid of getting blown up, stabbed to death or shot by Muslims, although that certainly IS a possibility since you never know when one of those psychos will strike, but that people are afraid of being called racists or Islamophobes.  They literally have Islamophobiaphobia!  They’re afraid their reputations will be ruined and they won’t be able to get a job.  That’s it.  Death is not a real threat until you see it up close.  Anything up to that point is just people trying to ruin your livelihood.  And for what?

For the results of last night’s attack in Paris?

For a culture that keeps moving into the west and than spitting on it?

To have more western women be kidnapped, tortured and raped for not being Muslims?

To have gay people strung up on ropes and thrown off of roofs?

To have more cartoonists stabbed and shot for drawing the image of a 1400 year old Saudi Arabian pedophile?

The common excuse given is that there are good Muslims and only 1% commit acts of terror.  That “1%” didn’t fall from the sky; they live among and go to the same mosques as other Muslims and they kill in the name of Islam!  How do people not see the problem with that? Whenever someone like Dylann Roof kills a bunch of black people, leftists are quick to yell at the “oppressive”, “racist”, “white culture”, but when Muslims, who aren’t even a race, but a religion, kill a bunch of people, leftists push for cultural sensitivity.  It makes no sense.

Aside from a handful of mildly apologetic reporters and a handful of not Muslim enough Muslims who are most likely derided by their families, there is no majority voice of dissent against these attacks.  If you are a Muslim, you are wearing the same clothing and following the same customs as the attackers and you say nothing.  You watch as a city gets blown up and say, “it’s not all of us”, yet get vehemently PISSED OFF the second anybody draws your stupid pedophile prophet and rationalize why it’s okay to kill someone for drawing him.

Muslims aren’t trying to integrate; they are trying to invade and take over.  We’ve seen evidence of this from the girl who sued Abercrombie & Fitch for not letting her wear or hijab and won when she could have easily gone to a different job.  We’ve seen this when a group of Muslims tried to impose their own courts in Irving, TX and were rightfully shut down.  We’ve seen this when an airline attendant claimed discrimination when she was suspended for not doing her job.  We’ve seen this when a group of Muslims shut down a whole street in downtown Los Angeles to pray with zero consideration that, ya know, people drive on those streets.

Immigration without integration is an invasion.  That is what is happening.

There are a few heroes of this narrative; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Pamela Geller, Bill Maher, Trey Parker and Matt Stone and even the anarchist hardcore punk band Conflict who wrote the surprisingly anti-immigrant song “An Option” at the risk of alienating their core liberal/leftist/anarchist audience by saying that, if you close the borders to Muslims, then you will stop the terrorism and other pernicious things that Muslims do and believe.  They are the brave ones in the media, not the pussy New York Times who won’t display Muhammad, but have no problem exhibiting an art piece of the Pope made out of condoms or the godawful Pisschrist piece of shit art.

One of my Facebook friends said, “All fascists are our enemies and these guys need their asses handed to ’em.”  I agree that every group of fascists needs to have their asses handed to ’em, but in 2015, the enemies aren’t speaking German or Russian, they’re speaking various Arabic languages and the second we get over the fear of saying that, maybe we’ll see a drop in these attacks.

Feminists Finally Got Their Rape Culture


I forgot the last time I argued with a feminist online, but chances are it was while I was drunk on cheap wine and hopped up on amphetamines on a Friday night after an OKCupid date pretended to be sick because she wasn’t horny enough to leave her house.  What I do know is that, if you want to send a feminist into a mindless, Tasmanian Devil style tizzy of yelling, name calling and cussing, just ask her, “instead of complaining about non-existent gender based discrimination, trying to ruin the career  of a NASA scientist for wearing a shirt with scantily clad women on it, trying to ruin video games because you’re against fanboys jerking off to Laura Croft or redefining rape as getting a guy in trouble after you regret drunkenly sleeping with him, why don’t you help out your brown skinned sisters and take on the real patriarchal rape culture in a Muslim country?”

I realized, however, how redundant that question is.  For you see, technically, you don’t need to go to a Muslim country anymore to experience Muslim “culture.”  Swedes are currently experiencing it every single day.  In case you didn’t know, Sweden is now considered the rape capital of the Western world.

Notice something funny about that BBC article?  Of course you didn’t, because you know that the article isn’t going to actually say WHO is committing those rapes.  Western liberal media cloaks its deception under clever rhetoric such as “Rape is particularly complex, but you’d think it would be straightforward to analyse murder rates across different countries – just count up the dead bodies, and compare and contrast.”

Um, yeah, it is pretty straightforward to analyze and they DID count up the raped bodies.

Since the 1970s Sweden opened its borders to Muslim countries and currently lets in 190,000 Muslims a year.  In a 1996 report from the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention noted that Muslims from North African countries are 23 times more likely to commit rape than Swedish men.

Feminists allege we live in a rape culture.  Last time I checked rape is illegal in the U.S. and other Western countries; in fact the crime gets taken so seriously that young men have had their lives ruined by false rape accusations and have almost no legal recourse against it.  On top of that, rape hysteria is so extreme in the eyes of feminists that, in order to uphold their bogus 1 in 4 women (or is it 1 in 5 now?) are victims of sexual assault statistics, they’ve had to redefine rape, lead people in extremely biased “are you SURE you haven’t been raped even though you consented to sex” surveys and, in the case of both Mattress Girl and that Rolling Stone article for which nobody was held accountable, flat out LIE about it.

I also don’t have to reiterate that Islam is a VERY patriarchal death cult religion and even so called moderate Muslims aren’t particularly moderate.  Women are viewed as second class citizens, mere things to be used at men’s disposal, stoned to death if accused of adultery, forced to have depraved clitoral removal surgeries and made to dress in ninja attire at all times.  Western women are regarded even lower than that.  And don’t even start about what they think of gay people.

Here’s a video of two topless feminists getting the shit kicked out of them for disrupting a Muslim conference about how you should beat your wife up for getting out of line.  Warning: there’s boobs and two women getting the shit kicked out of them for getting out line.

Muslim apologists always site the misleading statistic that only 1% of Muslims commit acts of terrorism.  While technically this is true, it completely ignores the Muslims who, aside from funding or tacitly supporting terrorist groups, completely support every other retrograde view that the “religion of peace” has to offer.  Bottom line is dissent within the Muslim community is so little that it’s negligible and is often met with death.  As many a Muslim would say, “while we don’t necessarily condone people being killed for blaspheming Muhammad the pedophile prophet, we don’t feel bad for them if they are.”  Above all Sharia law supersedes everything.

Now then, if rape culture really is defined as a culture that accepts, condones and normalizes rape, then, it’s safe to say Islamic cultures are rape cultures.  Furthermore, if Sweden and other Western countries continue this wave of immigration from Muslim countries, then I guess, the feminists are right.  With the exception of brave people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Pamela Geller and activist groups such as the Ban the Burqa, Cultural Marxists and advocates of completely unchecked multiculturalism have created a rape culture.

But, who knows, maybe sex-negative feminists like the hot Armenian Anita Sarkeesian secretly love Islam because, if she’s forced to be covered up all the time, she won’t have to worry about being objectified.